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Where can you find instructios showing how to replace a camshaft position sensor in 1999 Daewoo Leganza?


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If you have not done this yet, check with Daewoo first. That had a recall on those sensores, so maybe yours is covered.Its not too complicated, just a pain in the butt. Jack up the car and put a support near the front right wheel. Youll need to take off the front right wheel. Youll need to remove an engine mount to get at the timing belt cover, so youll need to support the engines weight first. In my case, I use my 3 ton floor jack and put a piece of 2x4 on the jack, then raised it just under the oil pan of the car, and pumped it up a few times to take on the weight of the engine. Your not supposed to life an engine using the oil pan, but its not too much force to damage it. Remove the engine mount. Remove the serpentine belt. Remove bolts on the timing belt cover. You will then see the timing belt wheels, between that is the sensor. Youll see a strange torx type bolt there. You can use a regular socket to take it off. Pull the cam sensor out by its connector from the top, it will be easier to disconnect it fomr the harness when it when its in your hand. Install is the reverst : )

-adding to- This took me a lot of research, so I hope you appreciate the sharing you can find a link to the actual Daewoo diagram at the following link:

www.daewooautopartspr.com/id15.html (just for the diagrams engine set up Open cover valve diagram the cam sensor is located near the timing belt housing before the #1 spark plug)

Please be careful jacking up the Daewoo as the oil pan in this has what is refered to as a Liquid gasket it is meant to be practicaly perminent and usually does not require removal unless it has experienced some type of impact. On the Camshaft Postioning sensor I had to order one of these straight from Daewoo themselves at cost of $117.00 this came with the directions and list of recalled part. Daewoo will only reemburse you if the part is one of the CMP Lot numbers so check the CMP lot number first (1267-2321) Directions: With the engine off, disconnect the negative side of the battery remove the valve cover spark plug location, disconnect the wire harness from the Camshaft sensor remove the camshaft positioning sensor check with following recalled numbers if it matches in the (1267-2321) codes you need to call Daewoo for the replacement part. (866) 362-1234 (yes that is the real number). Hope these links and information is helpfull. :D


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