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There are a lot of under-the-table jobs that pay in cash. (Nothing Illegal) However, helping out neighbors, moving, mowing lawns, snow-blowing, etc.. All of these things and more will pay in cash and most likely pay well depending on how well you do your job and how often. Maybe make a small business of your own for like lawn care and such.

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Q: Where can you find jobs paying cash?
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Great paying cash jobs?

cut wood in the summer and sell it in the winter

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Good paying jobs without college can be found in the power plant industry where office jobs and industrial jobs are offered. You can find the best paying jobs without a degree, and with no experience.

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The good paying jobs in Oklahoma are hard to come by. There are a few in the major cities, for example, Oklahoma city has many well paying jobs. I hope this helps you find a decent job!

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Paying in person with cash.

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I did some research and found a site that listed the most high paying cleaning jobs, the highest paying job was forclosure cleaning. The weblink is here:

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How do you do you cash on WeeWorld?

you can help friends out with their jobs. Here is how you find jobs on weeworld: first you put your mouse on on the weemee icon. then click my jobs, and your there!

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One of the top paying jobs is growing marijuana

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Keyforcash is genuine company, paying if accuracy is more than 99%

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What do you mean by... "better paying jobs"?

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Good paying jobs?

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Buisness finance jobs are often very high paying jobs, as are any jobs that are involved with money or finance, as there is a great need for them.