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Just contact any licensed Insurance Company of your choice doing business in your state of New York.

You can also try using online search engine and local listing services to locate an Insurance Agent near you.

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Q: Where can you find liability insurance in Albany NY?
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What county is Albany NY in?

Albany NY is in Albany County, State of New York, USA.

How is general liability insurance calculated for a general contractor in NY?

Well it depends on the company providing the policy. Most will calculate the premium based on your direct payroll and they could also add in payroll for your subcontractors. If you don't want to pick up the premium charge for your subcontractors you will have to show the insurance company that the subs carry their own liability insurance policy. Hope this helps. By the way NY is a difficult state to even find reasonable liability insurance for general contractors.

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You can go to to search for car insurance in the NY region.

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Yes. Albany is the capital...

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It is approximately 1000 miles from Albany NY to Ontario Canada

Do you need liability insurance for a cleaning company in NY?

I'm not certain that it's actually legally required. However, even if it's not mandated, if you don't have liability insurance anyone can accuse you of breaking whatever and whether you did it or not, you're going to be the one dealing with it, including shelling out for legal fees and possibly paying for it if you lose the case. If you do have liability insurance, the insurance company will be taking care of a lot of that for you. Bottom line: yes, you need liability insurance.

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Capital of ny?


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"Where can I find good low cost auto insurance in NY?

You will find great auto insurance rates at

Can you get personal liability insurance separate if your home is insure by NY property Ins Assoc?

OF Course, Just contact a local personal linesproperty and casualty insurance agent.

How far is rome ny from Albany ny?

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