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Also, try Remember, Toys 'R Us carry all sets of legos.

There is also TONS of Lego stores all over. I have good luck finding sets there. ( they are mostly in malls.) P.S. The person who edited before me works for LEGO. If you are going to Disneyland, you may want to check out the LEGO store that is there.

A fellow contributor to the answer stated the following: "**I work at LEGO. (Never say legos) There is no LEGOLand in Florida. The only one in North America is in CA. Not to sound like an ad, but.....There are LEGO stores all over the US with 4 more opening this summer. You can go online to order all the bricks you want from, type in pick a brick in the search box. Pick your sizes, colors, and how many, then pay for them. You can also call and have us search for replacement parts for old sets, they're not expensive at all.

Although most retail stores don't carry them, you can also buy boxes of bricks for about 30.00. The retail stores only want to carry sets. Where LEGO toys are concerned, you're always better off calling the company and buying them directly. That way you know they're coming directly from the source and they stand behind what they sell better than any brand in the world. Not a plug, I see how they treat people.**"

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Q: Where can you find major LEGOs?
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Yes the are any kinda girl legos are rare the lego paradise sets dont sell anymore and they have pink legos and lots of girls you could find one on ebay

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They were called legos from the begining.

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How do you say LEGOs in spanish?


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kids who buy legos

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One can find more information about Legos Star Wars toys and other play sets on the Legos web site. Walmart, Target and Kmart all have information on their sites as well. Amazon is a good place to look for reviews on the play sets.

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There are many online sources for Legos, as well as the retail stores. There is also an official "shop" at the Lego website. (see related link)

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You can't. :( Lego is very stingy with their Legos.

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Information regarding vintage castle Legos for sale can be found on auction sites such as eBay and Lego forums where enthusiasts discuss Legos and trades. Forums such as Classic Castle and Brick Set Forum are excellent places to start your search.

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