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Where can you find mew and mew2?


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In Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed, Mew cannot be found. The only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon Emerald, where Mew can be caught. On the other hand, You can catch Mewtwo in Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed. You can find it in the Cerulean Cave, in Cerulean City. It's in the bottom of the cave! Good Luck catching it! Hope I helped :)


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for mew 608976545 and for mew2 33456i597

you can't only mew2 there are a bunch of myths but they aren't true

Mew 3 doesn't exist and the only Mew-anything you can find is mew2 at the back of Cerulean Cave.

sorry but theres no mew in fire red but theres mew2 even better the only way to get mew is by cheating:(

Mew Mew2 Zapdos Moltres and Articuno

u cant catch it but u can catch mew2 in cearlean cave. you get mew from an event

You can never get Mew without hacking or getting it from a hacking friend. Besides, its Mew and Mew2 O_O

well just beat them 12 times then go to the cave where mew2 is but then at the place where mew2 is mew is there by blake.omostyle

send them to pal park from other games lik leaf green fire read. mew2 ar in the cav above the second badge town. mew is an event Pokemon

u cant. its event exclusive-sorry. but go to cerclean cave, and eventually u will find a mewtwo. just as good right? not as cute as mew, though... :(mew2 is some where in cerulean cave

mew can learn all tms and so can mew2

Once yo get the national pokedex and bet the elite four you go to profesor oks lab and he will be making a copy of mew then he gives you a egg and in it is mew hatch mew and go back to the lab and he gives you mew2

You get it at an event and you get mew2 in cerilain cave you can also get it if you've seen it and you have wi-fi, like me

I don't think you can catch MEW without a action replay. But you can catch MEW2 in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. You CAN'T cach mew without an action replay, but you can trade mew-two from the other games to the newer ones

get the ruby and the Sapphire gems from 4and 6 islands . the go to ceroolien can find mew2 in there.

mew mew2 zapdos articuno moltress channsy charizard blastos venesaur snorlax

Mew only evolves into Mewtwo in t3h h4x0r g4m3z!!! In t3h N1nt3nd0-cr34t3d g4m3z, that doesn't happen. I think you're playing ChaosBlack lol

In soul silver in find it in the cave into city where Misty is the gym leader the city starts with a c buy I forgot the name p.s. Mew2 is level 70

No it does not. My 39 Clues Agent Code Is: P39FFM3PXP And One Last Thing, Lucians Rule! Come Check It Out,!

if ur game is Pokemon firered, defeat the E4 10 times then go to the cerulean cave and go to the place where mew2 was standing than you'll see mew lv. 30. (attacks:recover,transform,psychic and confusion)

you can find a mew mew power costume on ebay.

Well Apparently Arcues is the Alpha Pokemon. But I would like to see Mew or Mew2 face off against him.

actually the best is mew because all mew2 is a man made thing and it is not really a Pokemon and mew could destroy almost anything using its combo of sing and dream eater

You can't get mew and mew2 on ruby. You can get them on leaf green. In ruby you can get rayqazza and groudon. i think you can get mews data in your pokedex to trade trhough the old sea map and be able to request it on trades you'll need a wireless adapter though ;P

You cant get mew without game shark.actually you can in fire red and leaf green. you need to defeat the elite 4 get 60 Pokemon and talk to oak to get national dex then you need to go to one island talk to celio and help him fix his machine to make the guy guarding cerulean cave go.You can pretty easily find mew after you beat the Elite Four (which is NOT pretty easy) in Cerulean Cave where you catch Mew-Two. I don't know exactly where in the cave she/he/it is but its probably in the exact spot where you caught Mew-Two. (Which if you haven't done then GO NOW(use the master ball)).U find mew2 in the cerulean City there is a cave that takes you 2 mew2 but deafeat the elite. Four a Cople of times

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