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Where can you find online address books for historical Chicago?


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2006-10-14 02:05:52
2006-10-14 02:05:52

By "online address books" do you mean city directories? If so, you might try the following websites: 1843 Directory: 1844 Directory: 1855/56 Directory: 1928/29 Directory: (This is a "reverse" directory, arranged by street address instead of surname; it includes spouse names and so it can be a very useful tool for genealogical research. A 1928/29 directory arranged by surname was also published.) If you need directories for other years, you can order them in on microfilm at any Family History Center. To find the one nearest your home, visit You can also find family addresses in some of the later censuses.


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In many books. The most recent place to look is the Encyclopedia of Chicago, by Grossman and Keating, or visit the Chicago Historical Society.

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