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It sounds like you may have a significant mint error coin. Sounds like a flip-over double strike, possibly on a dime or quarter planchet. If genuine, it could be worth several hundred dollars. I suggest you check out Mike Byers' website to see if he has anything like it there : Then contact him and send him magnified pictures of both sides of the coin, AND a picture of the outside edge. Good Luck!

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โˆ™ 2005-11-04 20:43:02
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Q: Where can you find out how much a nickel that has been double stamped with the building across Roosevelts face and is also kind of oval instead of round and has edges like a quarter is worth?
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What is a 1968 double stamped quarter eagle stamped over head worth?

Do you mean a quarter DOLLAR? Quarter eagles were not issued in 1968. And could you describe "double 'stamped"" ? (note the term is actually "struck" in coin jargon).

What is the value of a 1980 quarter that is stamped with a quarter and then stamped over it with a dime?

This is a rare misstruck error and is worth up to $90.00 according to condition.

How much is a 1997 penny stamped quarter worth?


How much is a quarter worth if it is not stamped on either side?

25 cents

How much is a quarter stamped with only the head worth?

25 cents

What purpose does the M stamped on a liberty quarter serve?

This type of quarter was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil. The M is MacNeil's initial.

How much is a silver quarter with an m stamped on it worth?

August 1, 2009 The US Mint has not issued a quarter with an "M" stamped on it. Probably what you have is a quarter that someone has put their initial on or marked it for some reason. With such a mark it has no numismatic value but is worth $2.52 for the silver it contains.

What would a Canadian quarter stamped with a nickel dye be worth?

30 cents; 25 for the quarter part, 5 for the nickel part.

What does a ring stamped 525 A?

Most likely the ring is stamped with 925 instead of 525. This means that the ring is 92.5 percent silver.

How much is a quarter from 1973?

Usually, only 25 cents. Unless it has any odd features like only one side stamped or double stamped ect...

What is the value of a double stamped 1982 quarter?

The coin needs to be seen for an assessment, take it to a coin dealer.

We have a 1906 quarter MINT condition sealed in air tight coin frame.What is a 1906 quarter stamped with capital A on the head side neck area and the reverse side on the middle of eagles chest worth?

Unfortunately regardless of the grade of the coin, the letters stamped on it reduced the value to the silver only, about $3.00

1945 nickel with an S stamped on the back above the building What is it worth?

ten thousands dollars

Did quarter minted in 1975 have the year stamped into the coin?

No US quarters are dated 1975, all have the dual date 1776-1976

What is the value of a 2001 Vermont quarter with the maple trees and eagle from the old quarter stamped both on the back of the same quarter?

Since it's impossible for that to have happened at the mint, it would be considered a damaged or altered coin, at best a novelty item with a value of a buck or two.

You have an Idaho state quarter with one side stamped in red Is this worth anything?

It's still worth 25 cents, that's all.

How many Northern Mariana Islands quarters were stamped?

37,600,000 Thirty seven million, six hundred thousand Northern Marina Islands Quarters have been stamped and let out for the public banks. There will not be any more of these quarters produced because this certain quarter represented the sixth and final release of the 2009 DC and US territories quarter program.

What is the value of a quarter stamped on one side heads and blank on the other?

This could happen if two blank planchets got into the press together, causing on to get stamped with only the heads side, and the other to get stamped with only the tails side. This is a relatively rare error, and could be worth $50 to $100 or more. This could also be a normal quarter that somebody has altered. If it weighs significantly less than 5.67 grams, then I would say that it has been altered and has no added value.

What does it mean when a ring is stamped 10kFG?

Gold Filled or Rolled Gold, instead of gold plated or solid gold.

What does it meam when a ring is stamped FC?

FC = Fiber Coating It's an electro-plating that is cheaper than Rhodium, however it changes the finish. But 925 FC is really Sterling, even if it is imprinted instead of stamped.

What is the value of a gold plated liberty 1999 quarter stamped Georgia 1788 on the back with the Georgia state logo?

It's just a state quarter that has been gold plated and it has no collectible value at all, unless you find someone that wants it.

What is the value of a quarter blank on the back side and stamped on the face side?

Check with any local coin collector for sure, but this coin can be worth a LOT of money.

What would the value of a US quarter be that is stamped tails on both sides?

This is a novelty or magic coin that has been altered and was not produced by the mint And has no collection value at all.

Florida 2004 quarter stamped off centered?

It depends on how far off center it's struck, take it to a dealer or collector for a better idea of value.

What is sentence for stamped?

I would like to get my passport stamped, please. The little skunk stamped his feet, so I ran!