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the dealer parts department will copy the schematics if you give them yhe year and vin #...worked on my c-cab '88! dg

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โˆ™ 2006-05-11 19:53:48
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Q: Where can you find out how to connect the carburetor hoses for a 1986 Toyota pickup?
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1992 Toyota pickup power steering diagram of hoses were can i find this?

The best place to find a diagram of hoses for a 1992 Toyota pickup power steering is in the owner's manual. Most auto part stores will also have a diagram of the hose.

Where does hoses connect to from carburetor on suzuki LT 185 quad runner?

i wish i new having the same problems

Will you give a diagram on vacuum hoses to and from the carburetor on a Mazda GLC?

i have a 1985 Toyota P/U repair manual could you tell me wat vaccuuum hoses u need a diagram for.

Where do you connect vacuum hoses on rochester quadrajet carburetor for 1980 impala?

Log onto and subscribe for free. They have the basic diagrams listed.

Where can you get the diagram for placement of the vacuum hoses of a 1982 Toyota 22R carburetor?

hey i got a page maybe help you ...

How do you replace fuel filter in fuel tank of 1995 Isuzu trooper?

Drop the tank and there is a round plate on the top where the hoses connect. The filter is on the end of the pickup tube inside the tank.

If a 1985 Toyota pickup does not have power steering can power steering be installed if so what parts are needed?

Yes you can install power steering. I have installed it in my 84 pickup. You will need the power steering box and the gear box with hoses. I pulled them off a pickup at a wrecking yard, which is best, since everything is already there and you can see how it is setup.

I have a 87 s 10 and i need the diagram for the carburetor hoses?

Not sure what engine you have but it probably has TBI (throttle body injection) not a carburetor. I think the last year for the carburetor was 1985. Give us more info on the engine.

How do you reconnect the carburetor hoses on F7 Kawasaki please?

They should just slide right on if I'm not mistaken.

Where do you get a diagram for air hoses connections on the Nissan Sunny B12 intake manifold and Carburetor?

I person needs to have a diagram when making any changes to a car. For a Nissan Sunny B12 the diagram to the air hoses connected to the intake manifold and carburetor can be found in the maintenance manual.

Where do the two hoses hook to on the bottom of a 1994 Toyota 4 runner?

The radiator?? Theres alot of hoses on a 4runner which engine do you have?

What hoses connect to the bottom of the radiator on a manual transmission?

Nothing on a manual

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