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The Blue Book of Gun Values has a listing of Winchester Model 101 manufacture years by serial number. This listing, though, ends in 1971 and the Model 101 continued in production for many years after that.

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Q: Where can you find out the date of manufacture of a model 101?
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What is the manufacture date of Winchester Model 101 serial no K317424?

I would say that your Winchester model 101 was made in the mid 1970,s.

How can you find the manufacture date of a Winchester model 101 using the serial number?

You should be able to contact Winchester and see if you may find the year of production by serial number thru there archives.If not I do have the manufacture dates of the first 250,000 made.You will need to have your serial number available to research the date of manufacture.

How do you find the manufacturing date on a 410 model 101 1 J C Higgins?

The JC Higgins was made Savage Stephens. It is basically the same as the Model 94 by Savage Stephens. It was made from 1937 to the 1980's and to give an exact date of manufacture is almost impossible because there aren't factory records available.

What is the year of manufacture of a Winchester model 101 serial?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

The manufacture date of a hi standard m-101 duramatic serial number 6897xx?

About 1957-58

Where can I find a Winchester Model 101 parts breakdown?

try I found the 101 manual here.

Where can you find parts for a 22 LR Savage Model 101 pistol serial 17257?

I have a Model 101-22 Cal. L.R. SN 10467 that I will sell for parts.

What is date of Mfg of a Winchester 101 serial k147691?

i believe that your Winchester model 101 shotgun was made in either 1972,or 1973 with the serial number that you have provided.

When was a rossi model 101 made?

You will have to call Rossi with the serial number to find out.

What is the value 1964 Winchester model 101?

What is the value of a Winchester model 101 bought new in 1964?

What year was the Winchester model 101 with serial number k 4304355 made?

Winchester is unable to date most "K" prefix guns as they state they have no records for the 101 from 1971 through 1991.

What is the age of a Winchester model 101 serial?

I would need to know the serial number of your shotgun,so that I may date the gun.

What is the year of manufacture for high standard dura-matic M-101 serial number 2114362?

Your serial number indicates that your Hi-Standard model 101 Dura-matic was made in the year 1969.The serial numbers for that year are from 2,030,405-2,172,356.

Where can you find a extractor for a savage model 101 22 lr single shot revolver?

Numrich gun parts

What is the value of a Sentinel 22 Pistol Model R-101?


What do you do for a math model?

101 71

Where can you find MAR heaven episode 101?

where can you find 89-101?

What is a Winchester model 101 shotgun worth?

A Winchester 101 shotgun was used primarily for hunting. The best and most accurate way to find out the value of a firearm is to check with a gun dealer.

Where was daisy bb gun model 101 made?

You question is not quite accurate. Daisy never made a BB GUN model 101. They did make a number 101 model 36 BB RIFLE not a gun it was made in Plymouth Mich.

Who makes the Revelation model 101?

It's a Savage Model 73

What is the value of a marlin model 101 bolt action 22 rifle?

marlin model 101 22 calsl-lr 27438484 ? year

How old is Winchester model 101 serial number 204307?

Your Winchester model 101 20ga shotgun was made by Winchester in june,of 1966.

How old is Winchester model 101 serial number K122895?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 101 was made in June,1969.

Can you find the prime factorization of 101?

Yes. 101 is itself a prime, so the answer is 101 = 101

Winchester Model 101?

OU shotgun.