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Where can you find parts diagrams for CS Shattuck shotguns?


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2018-04-28 22:03:45
2018-04-28 22:03:45

You could try Gun Parts Corporation.


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Most automobile dealerships will give you a vehicle parts list and diagrams. Many auto-parts stores will get you the parts lists and diagrams.

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Exploded Firearms Books (soft cover) Editions 1 & 2 both have parts diagrams for this rifle and many other rifles,shotguns and pistols.

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Parts for these shotguns are hard to find. EAA Corp carries parts for Baikal shotguns. A good gunsmith might also be able to help make some parts.

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You can obtain 1995 Acura diagrams at most Acura dealerships. You can find the diagrams at most auto-parts stores. Many auto-parts stores will print the diagrams off for free.

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You can find parts for many westernfield shotguns at Numrich gun parts.

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