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You could try Gun Parts Corporation.

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Q: Where can you find parts diagrams for CS Shattuck shotguns?
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Most automobile dealerships will give you a vehicle parts list and diagrams. Many auto-parts stores will get you the parts lists and diagrams.

Where to find parts for kessler shotguns?

Where can you find a parts diagram for a 22 LR Winchester Model 190?

Exploded Firearms Books (soft cover) Editions 1 & 2 both have parts diagrams for this rifle and many other rifles,shotguns and pistols.

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How do you get parts for a mp153 shotgun?

Parts for these shotguns are hard to find. EAA Corp carries parts for Baikal shotguns. A good gunsmith might also be able to help make some parts.

Diagrams for a 1995 Acura Integra?

You can obtain 1995 Acura diagrams at most Acura dealerships. You can find the diagrams at most auto-parts stores. Many auto-parts stores will print the diagrams off for free.

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You can find parts for many westernfield shotguns at Numrich gun parts.

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Where can you find parts for Sears Roebuck shotguns?

The Sears 200 series = Winchester 1200. Parts should be available from if you can't find them locally.

Where can you find a parts diagram for a 2004 Honda rancher at carburetor? they have all diagrams for all bikes on their parts page

Where can one find a parts diagram for CS Shattuck American Side Snap single barrel 12 ga shotgun?

You might try

Where can you find parts for shotguns made by the Baker Gun Co?

You'll probably have to find a gunsmith who can make your parts. Shotguns marked Baker Gun Co were made in Belgium or by Crescent Fire Arms, Meriden, CT, for H & D Folsom in the early 20th Century.

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you can get them at yapitshere or many other quality parts dealers they have repair manuals, diagrams, auto parts, body parts and engine parts

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go to your nearest ford dealer or look it up on line

What is the age of a Ranger shotgun that says Browning patent pending with a number of 30526 and where do you find parts?

The shotgun you own is a Savage/Stevens 520 shotgun. It was sold by Sears under a Browning patent. They first started making these shotguns in the 1920s. You can probably find more info by looking into the maker. To find parts, try Numbrich. Their Web site is They have diagrams of the parts and you can find most parts you need there.AnswerThe shotgun is at least 75 years old, because the last year it was made was in 1930. 1915 to 1930. Then came the 620 and 621.

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Haynes repair manual has wiring diagrams in the back & some dealers will print out the diagrams. I go to the parts department.

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Sears 200 series = Winchester 1200. Parts should be available from if you can't find them locally.

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to find oem parts look on Ronnies Microfiche online diagrams, that`ll give you what your look`n for