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The first place to look would be at your local gunsmith's shop. Next bet would be at a gun show. If you know exactly what you need, you can order some things online.

I'd like to add the following to the above answer.

Gun shows as a source for obsolete parts can be a god send, but you have to be careful as well. Gun shows are known for also being used as a dumping ground for defective parts or of marginal quality (knock offs and counterfeit).

Online sources for parts are:

The Online Gun auctions sites like or Ebay, which has reversed a policy decision to not allow firearm parts (The ban came shortly after the Virgina Tech shootings), as always "buyer beware" as those venues are also subject to parts dumping.

Numrich Arms, also known as Gun Parts Corporation ( is the most well known seller of parts, and has parts for a very large selection of firearms manufacturers, both current and defunct.

Jack First is another well known and established source (

In my past experiences, if those 2 places don't have a part, it's going to be a challenge.

Another possible source, the various firearms related internet forums. There are dedicated ones for Ruger, Marlin, S&W as well as a vast array of other gun related forums, all usually have classified section where parts are sold.

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Q: Where can you find parts for an old rifle?
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Which model??

Where can you find parts for a 22 caliber Stevens rifle model 73y?

try bob`s gun parts. they carry parts for lots of old guns

Where can i find parts for 150 leatherneck rifle?

Numrich gun parts

What website can you find the parts of the rifle?


Where you can find parts for a J Stevens Arms 22 caliber rifle?

you can find parts for your Stevens at bob`s gun parts .com

Where can you find parts for a Stevens 86D 22 cal rifle?

We have parts for that model.

How do I find parts for an old rifle?

On line auctions, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops want ad, for sale ad.

Where to find parts for anshutz target rifle?

Try Nurmich Arms

Where can you find parts for your high standard 22 cal semi-auto rifle?

Check with a gunsmith, or find the model number of your rifle, and check on line parts supply houses, like

Where can you find parts for Revelation model 120 rifle?

Numrich Arms is a good source for gun parts.

Where can you find parts for a Stevens 22 rifle model 87d?

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

How do you find out how old your Winchester rifle is?

To find out how old a Winchester rifle is one would need to take the rifle to an appraiser or gun shop. The gun shop will be able to look up the gun by the serial number.

Where can find parts for a 86c 22 long rifle?

i am also looking for parts so if you find any let me know....

Where do you find parts for a model 83 22 rifle?


What are all the names of parts on a sig m400 rifle?

You will have to contact SIG to find out.

How old is a model 22 rifle model 6 serial no 444976?

We MAY be able to find answer for you, if you can find the MAKE of the rifle for us.

Where can you find parts for a Mossberg Model M 22 cal slide action rifle?

Regrets- you probably WON'T find them. That rifle was made from 1928-1931. Gunpartscorp is sold out of used parts for that model. You can check with the Mossberg section on the rimfire central forum, or contact Havlin Sales through their website, but the rifle is simply too old, and made for too few years. Good luck in your search.

Where can I get parts for a Ross rifle?

In the age of the Internet a simple search with terms like "Ross Rifle" or "Ross Rifle parts" will turn up various dealers. Including your address, if you are into bricks and mortar stores to shop at will find local dealers.

Where can you find parts for a crosman 140 air rife?

The Crosman 140 Air Rifle was made from 1954 to 1968 in four different variations. Crosman no longer makes parts for the rifle but you can still get it repaired. The Crosman home page offers a "Find a repair center" button on their first page. From there you can locate a center that has parts for your rifle. See the related link.

Where can you get parts for sear model 25 22 rimfire automatic rifle?

Do a search for High Standard A1041 rifle parts. Numrich gun parts has a good selection of parts for this rifle.

Where can you find parts for a springfield model 84c- 22 cal rifle?


A firing pin for this rifle Where can you find one?

You can find a firing pin for the ranger at Numerick Gun Parts Corporation.

Where can you find parts for a sears 2T 22 rifle Mod 273.27530?

It is the same as a Winchester model 141 and parts are available from Numrich gun parts

How can you find parts for a Model 187J 22 caliber Springfield rifle?

That model is obsolete, but we have a good selection of parts.

Where can one find front sight blade for Model 50 JC Higgins rifle?

Try GunPartsCorp....can't find exact email address at this time.....but they have lots of parts for old guns. Good luck.