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Where can you find pictures from the 4400 to 4800 blocks of N Kimball Ave in the Albany Park area other than those at the Chicago Historical Society?


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2006-01-07 04:00:30
2006-01-07 04:00:30

There are a couple of vintage photos of Kimball Avenue in Albany Park [url=]here[/url], at the Library of Congress Chicago Daily News digital collection. All I know, is that on the corner of Kimball and Lawrence was Devin Klein Men's Shop, A cigar Shop, The Ravenswood El The other corner had a Heinemann's Bakery at one time.


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The address of the Kimball Area Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 55, Kimball, MN 55353

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The address of the Plains Historical Society is: 816 E 3Rd St, Kimball, NE 69145-1755

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The phone number of the Plains Historical Society is: 308-235-2001.

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