Where can you find quality fake Chanel Dolce Gabbana Gucci Versace Armani etc sunglasses and clothing?


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Yea i have a good idea buy the real thing. If u cant afford it then do bother what is the point in ruining brand names by fakes.

Some poor people cannot be trusted.

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Oakley, Versace, Ray-Ban and Armani all have excellent reputations for quality sunglasses.

The mark of a quality pair of sunglasses is the brand of sunglasses. It is know that Gucci has a higher quality of sunglasses then an unknown brand from Walmart.

Buy it from Versace......thats the best way, plus the quality makes it pretty obvious most fakes are pretty crappy quality.

= Fake sunglasses may look like designer sunglasses, but you have to be aware of their quality. They are made from cheap materials and usually have very limited lifespan. You will not find good quality in fake sunglasses. Normally you will find a number on the inside of the sunglasses, this is a sign that the sunglasses are real. =

Luxottica are a leading manufacturer in eyewear. They make quality frames for designers such as Prada, Rayban, Versace, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and many more. They distribute worldwide- you'd probably struggle to find a good optician that doesn't stock Luxottica frames of some description. You really can feel the quality, they are very well made.

It depends upon whether the frame is optical quality or not. In other words, not every sunglasses frame can accept prescription lenses. For example, most of the inexpensive sunglasses you find along the aisle at your local pharmacy or super store are made in China and are not optical quality frames. You can purchase a pair of optical quality sunglasses frames and have your prescription put in them, but an old pair of sunglasses may not work for this purpose.

Several characteristics about quality sunglasses:Important is to have a look at the label, the sunglasses needs to offer UV protection. Get more information about lens colour. Quality sunglasses are normally comfortable to wear, sturdy, scratch-resistant, and are designed to last a long time.Check the related link below for good designer sunglasses.

Oakley is know for making high quality sunglasses. They do not specialized in making sunglass accessories.

u can take a look or, there are a lot of high quality sunglasses on sale. High quality Ray-Ban's are really in style now and are sold discounted at

They are of the same great quality. They come with a protective case, certificate of authenticity, a cleaning cloth, and they also come in multiple colors.

oakley Is the best sunglasses manufacturer in the world. They produce the glasses quality is very good, has the function of protection glasses

Fake sunglasses might look like designer sunglasses, but you have to be careful of their quality. They are made from cheap materials and usually have a very limited existence.

Wear loose fitting clothing that covers all exposed skin as well as a broad-brim hat. Also, wear high quality sunglasses and do not forget the sunscreen!

Ed Hardy clothing is pricey but very good quality,in this case you get what you pay for.

I think it is very beautiful.The quality is more perfect.

Designer Sunglasses All our sunglasses are top quality, in stock, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Target and Wal-Mart both sell a wide range of sunglasses between $3.99 and $18.99.

If you buy it from a top quality sunglass shop or the versace boutique than its real, but if you choose to buy it offline and its expensive, does not mean their real. People lie and say their real, so they should have a authenticity card provided, to prove its real. But if that is not the case, than best you get them inspected at versace or a top quality sunglass shop. But as always, if its cheap or is in a random normal market/store than its fake.

One can learn more about the quality of Macys clothing either online or at a store itself. There are sites that have this information and there are higher up employees of the company that will be able to answer questions about the quality of their clothing.

Longevity of sunglasses depend solely on the brand and quality of the sunglass. A cheap $5 sunglass will last short than a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

A good company who design quality clothing are Jack Russell Clothing.

Hello I was given sunglasses with 1932 staped on the temple, is that the brand name? What kind of brand is 1932 stamped on the temple?

Sunglasses are never out of fashion. So you'd better choose a classical one. If you have the economic ability, you can choose the hot one in trend. I usually go to those stores to buy sunglasses. They have good quality and service.

no they are not real but they are gd quality copies, no one will be able to tell they are fake ;)

They are low end clothing company based out of Bangkok.

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