Where can you find reasonably priced general liability loss and theft insurance for a tattoo studio in Austin Texas?

I found two people from APT. Ray Pearson @ 317.359.8224 who is out of Indiana and Susan Preston @ 415.475.4300 who is out of CA. I have no idea about their rates as I just obtained this info 5 minutes ago. We're looking into this ourselves so if you come across any additional info pls pass it along! Thanks!

Right here, I am ray Pearson as mentioned above. I have been actively insuring the body mod industry for more than 12 years, as a general rule for 20,000 contents in a masonry building and 1,000,000 general liab the annual premium will be in the neighborhood of 700-750

Both good options, also try Velvet Panther Insurance Program @ 888.210.9641, option#1.