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Replacement caps for the legs of your swing can be purchased at most home improvement stores. You can also probably buy them at the same place you got the swing from.

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How do you keep your chair from cutting into your linoleum. Is there something to put under each foot?

Chairs with legs that can dig into the linoleum come with caps that go on the ends of the legs. I don't know for sure where you would find replacement caps, but I would try a home center like Lowe's or an Ikea if you have one near you, or perhaps even a hardware store. Then if I couldn't find them anywhere I would MacGuyver the chair legs with bottle caps that fit. I would probably paint the caps to match the legs so they're less noticeable. Many people would just replace the chairs, but I tend to be more earth-conscious.

Why is it easier to swing your legs back and forth when they are bent?

Because you are generally sitting down with your feet off the floor or ground when you are swinging your legs, and your legs just naturally bend at the knees when you are sitting down. It is impossible to swing your legs back and forth standing on your feet.

Which bones do you use when you swing a bat?

you legs, arms, elbows

What do you call the machine that you stand on and you swing your legs back and forth whilst holding onto handles?

its something called a swing

What muscles do you use to swing a bat?

legs, arm, and hand muscles!

What does a monkey have to escape predators?

arms tail and legs to swing in trees

How many muscles does it take to swing a baseball bat?

lets see, arms, legs ,hind legs, brain, and chest

How do you improve your softball swing?

well, to improve your swing you need to practice swinging with your legs, hips, and arms .... also swing all the way through (not just half way threw)

Where do you get the plastic caps for furniture legs?

Most hardware stores will have them in their housewares section.

What is the main mode of movemant for a siamang?

They swing through the trees with their arms and legs.

What improves the power of your swing in softball?

well, to improve your swing you need to practice swinging with your legs, hips, and arms .... also swing all the way through (not just half way threw)

Why do volleyball players swing their legs forward when spiking a ball with their arm?

To gain momentum. It can compare to when you push up with your legs on a pass or a bump.

Why are a monkey's arms and legs helpful?

They can swing and eat foods and climb the trees better.

Where can you find Cosco Highchair replacement parts?

I have an older cosco high chair that has the molded plastic legs with adjustable hight. I need a seat cover and a tray for it.

How do monkeys move?

They walk or scamper on two legs or using their arms as well. Most monkeys can swing from tree to tree, and may have prehensile tails that they can hang or swing from.

What muscles are used to swing tennis racket?

I've heard that you use your core muscles and legs.

Do crossing legs for mood swing during periods cause side effects?

No. that makes no since:P

Which type of joint allows your legs and arms to swing in almost any direction?

Ball and socket

What is an arm dumbbell swing?

dumbbell Swing exercise holding only one dumbbell to one is a great exercise that can be used as a strength exercise or conditioning exercise. It builds power and endurance in the hips and legs to swing the dumbbells.

Is it best to have a pillow between the legs of a patient with a new hip replacement?


How do you do standing broad jump?

swing your arms high at least 1 time,legs apart and JUMP!

What is the artificial replacement for the human arms and legs that have limited motion or none at all?

A prosthetic.

Where do daddy long legs find their food at?

Where do daddy long legs find their food.

Where can you find replacement handrails for an Aquaslide N' Dive slide ladder?

I have an old Aquaslide. Can I still get parts for it?A: We still manufacture ladders, legs, and handrails for the Duke and the Queen models of the Aquaslides. The Duke was a 3-legged slide, the Queen had 4 legs.

Are chimps arms longer than their legs?

Yes, they're longer because they need to swing around on trees.