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You can only find Skarmory in the Pokemon SoulSilver version.

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Where to find scarmory in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Unfortunately, you can't find Skarmory in Heartgold. You can only find him in 3rd Gen games like ruby and emerald, or in other 4th Gen games. If you have Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, you can find a skarmory on route 227 or stark mountain, then trade it to Heartgold. You can also find a skarmory in soulsilver on route 45. Sorry...

Where do you find skarmory in Pokemon HeartGold?

I think you can get skarmory in Mt. Sliver... I am not so sure about it cause I never caught a skarmory in my Pokemon heartgold (Improved Answer By Smart Kid) Skarmory can be found at Route 45, which is found south Blackthorn City. It has a 5% rarity stat so it is very hard to find. It can also only be found in SoulSilver, so if you have HeartGold, you will have to either migrate it from the Hoenn games (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire), or trade it from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and SoulSilver.

Can you get skarmory in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, it is only in Pokemon SoulSilver. Therefore; you'll need to trade for it.

How do you get skarmory in Pokemon HeartGold?

Route 45, it's only in Soul Silver, though.

Where can you find skarmory in Pokemon FireRed?

Skarmory is a slightly rare pokemon it occasionally appears on Seven Island at Sevault Canyon.

Where do you find a sharmary in Pokemon platinum?

you find skarmory on stark mountain.

Is skarmony a legendary Pokemon?

skarmory is no legendary pokemon. it can breed and you can find it in the wild.

What type of Pokemon is Skarmory?

Skarmory is a Steel and Flying type pokemon.

Can you get a skarmory in Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes you find them on route 113

What evolves into skarmory?

No Pokemon evolves into skarmory.

Where do you find a Skarmory in Pokemon Diamond?

At Stark Mountain At The Battle Zone.

How do you catch skarmory in Pokemon ruby?

Skarmory is a rare pokemon found on Route 113.

Is skarmory a legendary Pokemon on Pokemon deluge?

No, Skarmory is not a Legendary Pokémon.

Where do you find skarmory in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot find a Skarmory in LeafGreen. Skarmory is only in Ruby/Sapphire/EmeraldIt can be found in seavault canyon in firered so i assume its the same place. Seavault canyon is on 7 island

How do you get skarmory in pokemon SoulSilver?

Skarmory can be caught at route 45

When does skarmory evolve in Pokemon white?

Skarmory does not evolve in this game.

Where can you find Cydaquil in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You can only get Cydaquil as a starter Pokemon in HeartGold & SoulSilver.

Pokemon shadows of alima where to get skarmory?

You can get skarmory in the croama lowlands or highlands

Pokemon hg were do you find registeel?

You can't find registeel in Pokemon HeartGold.

What Pokemon game can you find houndour?

You can find it in Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon HeartGold, and Pokemon SoulSilver.

Where can you find a skarmory in pokemon emerald?

Route 113 is where i found mine about level 16

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