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There is no horse power info because of 2 reasons, manufacturers dont seem to like to comit to giving power outputs, and they differ between bikes. you can get a rough guide to approx HP but the only true way to know is crank your bike up on a dyno.

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Q: Where can you find sport bike horsepower ratings on the Internet?
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What does Bhp in bike is?

Brake horsepower or BHP is the amount of power the engine provides at the wheels. The is in contrast to traditional horsepower ratings which are measured directly at the engine or flywheel.

What bike has the most horsepower?

As of August, 2014, the Kawasaki's 2012 ZX-14R is the bike that is known to have the most horsepower. This bike is considered a high torque motorcycle.

Difference between ATV and dirt bike chains?

The length, and depending on horsepower, it could be larger for the higher horsepower bike.

How much horsepower does a m109r have?

Suzuki rates this bike at 127 horsepower

Is Dirt Bike racing a sport?

YES! dirt bike raceing is a sport!!!!

How many break horsepower does a Honda Cr 85 have?

This bike has about 18 horsepower

What production motorcycle has the highest horsepower?

ANSWERDepend on if you mean sport bike or cruiser...the Yamaha V-Max produces 200HP. The company Boss Hoss (not in production anymore) made a bike with a v-8, 585HP in that thing.

How many horsepower in a 125cc dirt bike?

a 125 makes around 25 horsepower

Who is best bike between TVs sport and hero splendor pro?

tvs sport is best bike

Is a bike ride a sport?

A bike ride is not a sport but competition biking is a sport because a sport needs to have something that takes time and make people tired and sweat

Is riding a bike a sport?

Yes. While riding a bike can be for exercise or recreation, there is also a sport called cycling.

Is bike riding a sport?

Yes. There is the professional sport of cycling.

How much horsepower does a 85cc dirt bike have?

10000000000000000000 hp

Is a Sport Bike a type of motorcycle?

A sport bike is a type of motorcycle. Sport Bikes are made for performance and have better acceleration, braking, speed, and handling than other motorcycles.

Fastest sport bike in the world?

Yamaha R1 is the fastest bike in the world

How do you get the most horsepower from a2001 xr100r dirt bike?

get a new pipe

How much horsepower does a 160 pit bike have?

17-20 fact

How much horsepower does a cbr 929rr have?

At around 11,500 rpm, the horsepower is approximately 150 at the crank. At the time it was produced (2000-2001) it was the lightest and best bike in weight to power ratio bike on the street.

Is there kids sport bike racing?


Is the red line device bike the best bike in the world?

this depends on what sport you are doing.

What is the fastest 2004 600cc sport bike?

No, I think the Honda 650cc dirt bike is the fastest or a GP racing bike.

What is the horsepower on a 2003 Honda shadow spirit 750?

Buy a bigger bike!

How fast will a 2.8 horsepower mini bike go?

It will go about 30 -40mph

How fast is 750cc?

depends on the type of bike, eg a 750cc sport bike can do over 150mph

What is the horsepower of a 03 cbr600rr?

The horsepower of a 2003 CBR 600RR is 117 hp. The bike has a 6 speed transmission and the wheelbase is 58 inches.Ê