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Where can you find the AC turn on switch for 1994 Lumina APV after recharging?


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The AC should have been running while it was being charged.


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To replace a turn signal switch in a 1993 Chevy Lumina go to the trunk of the vehicle and find the plastic covering for the turn signal. Remove the cover and replace the bulb.

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manual trans. has a switch on the drivers side of the trans,auto is in the steering column.gmjim

Replacing the ignition switch is very simple. When you purchase the new switch it will give you photos adn simple instruction to follow. Youy will need some toolls. Good luck and God bless you. lemon Pro

you have to take the steering wheel off remove the horn assembly and find a pin that holds back the switch.

The dimmer switch is mounted in the dashboard. You will find it below the left side air duct below the light switch. It is a wheel that you move up or down to adjust.

if u need to find it well then go to google and write the name and u will find what ever u want k

Having the diagram of the engine to the car being driven can come in handy. A person can find the 1997 Chevy Lumina Engine diagram in the maintenance manual.

Sometimes they are behind the airfilter compartment.

You can find a vacuum diagram for your 1992 Chevy Lumina at most Chevrolet dealerships. Chevrolet service manuals will have the vacuum diagram and can be found at most local libraries.

The knock sensor, in your 1997 Chevrolet Lumina, can be found on the front of the engine. The knock sensor is near the top of the engine.

1994 Plymouth voyager does not have an inertia switch , unless you are referring to the airbag switch in which case it is by the bumper reinforcement under the bumper cover , but if you talking about an (inertia) switch for fuel one does not exist on a 94 voyager, your best chance would be to check the fuel pump for voltage, and if none is present check the fuse and fuel pump relay, located in the engine bay fuse block.

It's not too difficult to find a leak if you can get the vehicle on a rack to look at it from underneath. And power steering hoses can be difficult to replace if you are not mechanically experienced and have the proper tools. Best to leave it to a mechanic.

First off let me say that I cannot advise doing this in the first place. That said: With a pressurized canister of refrigerant connected to the low side service port, you won't need to jump the pressure switch unless the switch is broken. Pressure in the canister will be high enough to close the pressure switch and allow the compressor clutch to engage.

Some where between the grill and raideator

Look in the trunk behind the side panel on the driver's side. If not there, then the passenger side kick panel.

Where do I find a fuse panel diagram for a 1992 chevy luman

Either go to a shop that has Alldata or a parts house and ask them to give you an illistration of the coolant fan switch or purchase a Haynes Manual that is specific to your car.

You can find the 1994 Pontiac Firebird window relay switch inside of the drivers side door. You will need to remove the drivers side door panel in order to access the window relay switch.

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