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In an english/Irish dictionary!. Available at read

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Q: Where can you find the English pronunciations of Irish words and names in Irish history?
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What has the author Edward MacLysaght written?

Edward. MacLysaght has written: 'Irish eclogues' 'Irish families' -- subject(s): Crests, Dictionaries, Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, Names, Personal, Personal Names, Irish Family History 'A guide to Irish surnames' -- subject(s): Irish, Names, Irish, Names, Personal, Personal Names 'Irish life in the seventeenth century: after Cromwell' -- subject(s): Social life and customs 'Supplement to Irish families' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Irish Ancestors, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History 'Irish families; their names, arms, and origins' -- subject(s): Personal Names, Irish, Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History, Irish Surnames, Irish Names 'Sir Horace Plunkett and his place in the Irish nation' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Irish Agricultural Organisation Society

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'Jill'?

Not all English names have an Irish equivalent; this one doesn't.

What are some Irish names starting with the letter K?

there are no actual Irish names starting with K because there is no K in the Irish language but you can find Irish names with English spellings such as Caoilin - Keelan Caitriona - Katrina

How do you spell the name Jana in Irish?

It would be the same as English, a large number of such names have no Irish equivalent.

What is the Irish Gaelic translation for Tiffany?

Not all names are "translatable" into Irish Gaelic; it would be the same as in English.

What has the author Ida Grehan written?

Ida Grehan has written: 'A little book of Irish family names' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Personal Names, Irish Genealogy, Irish Family History, Irish Surnames

What is the name Wilma English to Irish Gaelic?

Not all names have Gaelic versions.

What is the importance of the Irish language for national identity?

Many aspects of Irish culture; Irish dance, music, and language were banned by the English along with Catholicism during Irish history. All the towns, counties, and provinces in Ireland were given anglicized names. When Ireland regained its independence, it reincorporated the Irish language back into the culture. Irish is also not a completely dead language, it is not like Latin. There are areas in the country which are predominately Irish speaking and RTE has many television programmes in Irish. All signs have both the Irish and the English versions of names. Learning Irish is needed to pass secondary school. Irish is also a main part of slang: Póg mo thóin=Kiss my butt. What's the craic?=What's going on? What's up? The majority of Irish placenames, family names, and many given names are from the Irish language.

What has the author Patrick Woulfe written?

Patrick Woulfe has written: 'Irish names and surnames' 'Irish names for children' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Etymology, Irish, Irish Names, Irish language, Names, Names, Personal,Irish, Personal Names 'Irish names and surnames'

What has the author Thomas Francis O'Rahilly written?

Thomas Francis O'Rahilly has written: 'Cairbre Cattchenn' 'Laoithe Cumainn' -- subject(s): Irish Love poetry, Love poetry, Irish 'Notes on Irish place-names' 'The history of the Stowe missal' 'Early Irish history and mythology' -- subject(s): Celtic Mythology, History 'Irish poets, historians, and judges in English documents, 1538-1615' -- subject(s): Judges, Historians, Irish Poets 'Notes, mainly etymological'

Why do some Irish have English last names?

There are two reasons some Irish may carry English surnames. Most bear anglicised versions of native Gaelic surnames but there are also families of English ancestry bearing them. The Statutes of Kilkenny mandated Irish living in the Pale to adopt English surnames. Some names are of Norman origin or associated with the Catholic Sean-Ghaill (old English).

What has the author Kenneth Cameron written?

Kenneth Cameron has written: 'The place-names of Lincolnshire' -- subject(s): English language, Etymology, Geographical Names, History, Local, Local History, Names, Names, Geographical 'Papp' 'English place-names' -- subject(s): Geographical Names

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