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It should be located behind the air filter on the right side it has only 2 wires going into it do not touch any with anymore wires. also you car may not have a iat it may be built into the airflow meter.

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What are the timing marks on a fiat punto active sport 2003?

The timing mark on a Fiat Punto Active Sport 2003 is through the hole of the bell housing. The bell housing is under the area of the battery of the vehicle.

What mark is a 51 plate fiat punto?

Yours is MK2... Mk1 1994 - 1999 MK2 1999 - 2003 MK2b (Facelift) 2003-2006 Grande 2006+

What does the warning light mean on a fiat punto mk1 the sign has an exclamation mark in it?

It means the hand-brake in engaged. Make sure the hand-brake is fully down, and the warning light should dissappear. If not, it could be a hand-brake re-adjustment is in order, or there is a fault with the warning light itself. I have a fiat punto 1.1 1993 mk1 was woundering if i can use any fuel swithch for my car or do i have to get the right fuel switch for my car I have a fiat punto 1.1 1993 mk1 was woundering if i can use any fuel swithch for my car or do i have to get the right fuel switch for my car

What are the timing marks on a fiat punto 1995?

Hi The cam has a mark on the pulley that faces the back of the in the 9 o clock position and crankshaft can be aligned via inspection hole in the bell housing (gearbox) mark on flywheel needs to align with the mark closest front of engine thanks Alan

How can I see the fly wheel mark for fiat palio 1..2?

where can I see the fly wheel mark for fiat palio 1.2

Where is the temperature gauge switch located on the fiat punto 1999?

Most of the basic fiat models mark 1 and 2 don not have temperature gauges. They have a light on the dashboard that comes on if the temperature gets too high in the engine,hope this answers your question. All the higher spec puntos have a separate temperature gauge beside the petrol gage.

What does the warning light on the dashboard mean on a 52 plate fiat punto that is a bulb with and exclamation mark in the centre and bits around the edge?

it means one of your bulbs have gone for your exterior lights check all of them my back tail light was out and that warning ligh came on.

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Is Fiat atype of smart car?

The "Smart Car" is a trade mark of Mercedes. Fiat makes a car that is about the same size but it can not be called a "Smart".

How do the timing marks align on a 1997 1.2 Fiat Punto 60?

when looking at the cam pully standing at the right side you will see on the lleft of the pully a cut in the head that lines up whit the mark on the pully tha crankshaft marks are on the bellhousing and flywheel set that at tdc=0 Kevin odowd

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