Where can you find the Liverpool logo?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The "Liver Bird" is often used as the logo for Liverpool. It has represented the city since medieval times and takes the form of a cormorant-like bird with a frond in it's beak. The most prominent example of the Liver Bird is on top of the Royal Liver Building. Liverpool Football Club is also represented by the Liver Bird and the Club now hold the copyright to the symbol.

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Click the related link below to get all official things Liverpool FC.

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from the offical Liverpool website

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Q: Where can you find the Liverpool logo?
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The logo has a bird on the crest which is also the official logo of Liverpool Football club

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What animal is on the Liverpool Fc symbol?

The logo of Liverpool football club is the liver bird.

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Liverpool Football Club.

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it is a crest with the liver bird in the middle and flames on each side

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