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You can easily remove the "wood" panel by reaching in the junk holder below the a/c and pulling. I was able to see the serial number on the top of the radio without pulling the radio out too. I called a few dealers and they said it would be $25 just to look it up. I then called the dealer in San Mateo, CA and they gave me two codes: 6588 and 5174 (Ex: 6588, press the 1 button six times, the 2 button five times, ect. Then press CD). You are only allowed three times to enter a code so be careful!Remove it, get the model and serial numbers off of it, and contact the car manufacturer/dealer for the code.

Dr. DB

If you do put in wrong number three times the system locks. You must leave your key in the accessory position for 30 minutes. This will reset the system security and you have three more attempts. Also your car will run poorly if at all until the code is entered correctly.


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Q: Where can you find the Mitsubishi stereo unlock code?
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You need to call a Mitsubishi dealer or Mitsubishi itself if you want to find it out.

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