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The Ben and Jerry's website has a search tool where you can find the location for any of its scoop shops. You can also use the contact link on the site and ask them if they can mail or fax to you the list of addresses for all of the Ben and Jerry's scoop shops.

Ben and Jerry's Partnershops are the Scoop Shops. The shops are franchises that are independently owned and operated by community-based non-profit organizations. Franchise fees are waived for the scoop shops. Ben and Jerry's corporate headquarters should maintain an updated list of all its franchises with the addresses.

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Q: Where can you find the addresses of all the Ben and Jerry's scoop shops?
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You can go to this link and find the closest Ben and Jerrys to your zip as well as a link for new shops that have opened. ---- Ben & Jerry's has over 580 franchised ice cream scoop shops and PartnerShops worldwide. They have over 430 scoop shops in the United States and over 150 scoop shops internationally. Click the link below.

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