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Springfield Arms Co was a trade name used by Savage/Stevens in the 1930's and 40's. I can't find a date for the production of a model 53 or 53A. Actually, it is not listed in any of my newer books, but a 21-year old Official Price Guide lists it as a bolt-action single shot. If this is it, it should be a good shooter and a great heirloom, but a poor investment. Even in excellent condition, it would probably bring only $100-$125 retail. Well - maybe it was a good investment. That old price guide shows it at only $45.

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Q: Where can you find the age of a Springfield Arms Co 22 model 53A?
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We make them, new.

Where can I find a bolt for my springfield 22 bolt action rifle model 53A?

I would first look at numrich gun parts.

Where can you find a new stock for a sears model 53A 30-06 serial 273532780?

i ordered one from bass pro shop which i had to do a slight modification but all in all works good

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The person could be arrested and charged with violating Connecticut General Statutes 53a-180, 53a-180a, 53a-180b, or 53a-180c, depending on the exact circumstances.

Where can you find out how much a 53A 22 short long or long rifle is worth?

Nowhere until you know who made it.

What are the release dates for The Electric Company - 1971 53A 5-53?

The Electric Company - 1971 53A 5-53 was released on: USA: 31 December 1975

Who is the Manufacturer of the Sears 53A? has store brand chart.

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What is a Springfield Model 53A worth?

WHAT IS MY GUN WORTH?What is the condition of the metal? Bore,is it rusty, pitted, bluing,What is the Condition of the wood? Gouged,dents,cracks,splinteredAre there any markings on the stock? P, SA/GHD, WRA/GHD, RIA, crossed cannon and belt,ect.Is it complete? functional?Has it been sporterized? cutdown, altered in anyway?Pictures help, boy do they helpGUN VALUES VERY.

What is the history and value of a Springfield Arms Co .22 long rifle model 53A?

apparently from what i have found this rifle was bought new for like 45 bucks. maybe alittle more. and it was made between 1936 and 1948. it might be worth 100 to 125 dollars. this info is from research i did on the internet from other people askin similar questions and there responses. i think the years it was made might have been from the model 53b. they cant be that far apart from each other. the difference is the 53 a firing pin has to be reset manual. the 53 b resets when the bolt is opened. my 53 a does not have a safety and the 53b does. i dont know if im missing parts or not. i dont think that i am. hope this helps

What is a sears 53A 3006 bolt action worth?

100-400 USD

How serious is 53a-117?

Criminal mischief in the third degree is a class B misdemeanor.

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