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Search for a Chinese importer. These kind of things come from there. Maybe look for one on the west coast. Make sure you buy by the pound and not by units. You'll probably spend a little more but you will get much better value and have enough inventory to last you a long time. Cheaper costs also means you can profit more if you sell them. *You could also try Shipwreck Beads in Olympia, Washington. They have the largest selection and their showroom is open every day of the week. They have something like 40,000 different beads! They also sell a catalog. *Ebay might be another good place to look for beads. Milky Way Jewelry in China is popular.

All types are jewelry can be obtained from amazon at cheaper price. Check the link below. You can also search by price range from $1-$24 $25-$50 etc..,

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Q: Where can you find the cheapest jewelry beads?
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Where can you find the cheapest beads and jewelry accessories online?

Maybe FashionTIY is a good choice, with novel styles and low prices.

Where can you but beads jewelry in Sudbury?

One can buy beads jewelry in Sudbury from the Fric and Frac jewelry store. As well as this, one can also buy beads from Chamilia beads jewelry store in Sudbury.

Where can one purchase gold beads?

You can purchase gold beads online at websites such as Amazon and Art Beads. You can also find them at your local jewelry store such as Kay Jewelers for purchase.

Where is the cheapest place to buy good quality Beads for jewelry Making?

Try <> There's always-

What are lampwork glass beads used for?

Lampwork glass beads are often used to make jewelry. Some examples of this jewelry can be found online at Lampwork-Beads-Glass, Zacoo, and Lima Beads.

Where could a person buy jewelry beads?

Jewelry beads can be used for a variety of purposes including basic arts and crafts, cosmetic jewelry, embellishment of clothing and other fabric and, in the case of rarer or more expensive beads, collection.

What are some retailers that carry beads and jewelry supplies?

There are many retailer stores that carry beads and jewelry supplies. Some of the top retailers are FireMountainGems, JewelrySupply, and STColleta. These online sites sell various beads and jewelry supplies.

Where could one find troll beads?

A person can search for troll beads online, or at a fine jewelry outlet. Troll beads are used to make charm bracelets. It's a new phenomenon nowadays.

Where can one purchase beaded jewelry?

Beaded jewelry can be purchased through online shops such as eBay, Amazon, The Bead Store, I Love Beads and EP Beads. Other sites include, but are not limited to, Chasing Beads, B for Beads, Beads Unlimited and Jilly Beads. These are all UK websites.

Where to buy troll beads and Pandora beads in Fresno ca?

Rogers Jewelry

Where can one buy beads for jewelry making?

Buying beads for jewelry making is pretty simple. Beads can be brought in many places like the dollar store, malls, etc. Beads can also be brought from friends if they have any they would sell.

Where is the best place to buy beads for making jewelry?

There are a number of places you can look to find beads for making jewelry, but some popular places to start looking are Amazon and eBay. If you are looking for a more specialized store, try Fire Mountain Gems.

Why are the beads on jewelry different colors?

There are so many kinds of beads for jewelry making. The material is different, the color may be different. I found Pandahall has got huge quality loose beads wholesale. Share with you.

Where to buy zable beads?

in a jewelry store

What did the Chinooks were for jewelry?

dentalia shells, beads

What products does Aunties Beads sell?

Products that Auntie's Beads sell include beads, jewelry making supplies, and pendants. Auntie's beads sells a wide variety of different types of beads, ranging from gemstone beads to designer beads.

Where can one purchase bracelet beads?

There are online stores such as Aunties Beads that feature beads in general an bracelet beads in particular. In addition large department stores such as Kohl's with jewelry section will have beads.

Where can I find the cheapest silver jewelry?

There are many places to find sterling silver jewelry. When it comes to jewelry many think it should be purchased from a jewelry store. However, if you scout around at the pawn shops you are likely to find something suitable for a fair price. Sometimes you will pay around $10.

What types of jewelry can you make with swarvoski beads?

You probably mean 'Swarovski' beads. Swarovski beads can be used to make braclests, necklaces, dress decorations or just about any other decorative purpose one can find for any other bead.

Which jewelry channel is the cheapest?

The cheapest jewelry channel would have to be JTV or Jewelry Television. They have nice specials, sometimes lots of items to buy for cheap prices. They have the deals on gemstones.

What are the latest offerings from Pandora Jewelry?

Pandora Jewelry is expanding their jewelry line with the addition of macrame bracelets. They also offer a large selection of beads that fit on a chain. You can mix and match the beads for your own unique look.

Where can one find an affordable Troll Beads bracelet?

There are many companies and websites that offer Troll Beads bracelets for sale. Some of these companies that offer the bracelets are Etsy, Newegg and Overstock Jewelry.

What jewelry goes round your waist?

Waist beads

Where do the Maasai Kenya tribe get their beads for their jewelry from?


Approximately how many beads are needed for making jewelry?

If someone is making jewelry then the number of beads they might need for a necklace will vary upon the size of beads and the length of the necklace. It is up to the maker because no exact number can be given here.

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