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Your TRW should have a date field where the vendor last reported, like (10/99) for october of 1999.

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How do you find the date of last activity on an account on your credit report?

Where to find this information on a credit report unfortunately depends on where you obtained your credit report from since they (credit bureaus, mortgage lenders, etc.,) can all use different formats. However, there should be a column or section under each creditor/credit item listed that shows "Date of Last Activity", "DLA" or "Last Active". The three major bureaus are pretty good about putting this information in a separate column (near or underneath the Date Opened or Last/Date Reported). If all else fails, contact the creditor/collector directly (not the credit bureaus) for the most accurate information about the Date of Last Activity.

How can you find out the date a bankruptcy should be removed from your credit report?

Look at the date your bankruptcy was filed. 10 years from that date it should be off.

What the credit laws were in 2002 you had a judgment for a tax issue in 2002 that was supposed to come off credit report in 2007 the credit bureaus say no 2009 you were trying to find the law stating?

The credit bureau is correct it is seven (7) years from the last date of activity. Source: The Credit Bible by Phil Turner.

How common is credit report fraud?

It is estimated that credit fraud affects about 15 million people in the United States each year. The easiest way to detect this fraud is to check one's credit report regularly to find suspicious activity.

Will paying off a few newer accounts in collections help your credit score or will it hurt by staying on your credit report even longer?

Paying off collection or charge offs is NOT SUPPOSED TO reset the DLA (date of last activity). This is the date that determines how long a derogatory account can show on your credit report. You would need to find out the DLA on your specific accounts and follow up after payment to ensure that they are not re-aged. This would be illegal. Better yet, why not offer to pay for removal from your credit report completely?

Where can I find a free 3 credit bureau report?

You can find a free 3 credit bureau report on

Where can one find out how to obtain a free credit report?

One can find out how to obtain a free credit report by directly contacting your credit card company and requesting a free credit report, this can be done once a year.

Where can one find information on a credit report?

To find information on a credit report, you can go online and asks websites like Equifax or Consumer Products to help you with your credit report troubles.

How do I find out about a judgment on my credit report?

you sould go to a local bank and ask for a credit report

How can you find out what credit cards are in your name?

Pull your credit report.

Where can you find a transunion credit report?

To get a TransUnion credit report you can go directly to their website and fill out an application for a report. You can also find many companies that will help you get your credit report from all 3 major credit agencies for a small fee. Most even have a free trial!

How do you find out what financial institution issued a credit card when the account number is not on your credit report?

Call the Credit report agency that pulled your credit from the Bureau's and ask them to look at the back of the credit report where it says inquiries.

What would one find at the Free Credit Report website?

At a Free Credit Report website one can find: personal services, business products and services, small businesses, like checking business credit, verify the accuracy of one's credit, credit report and score.

What can you do if a find a mistake on your credit report?

Call the credit card company

If your credit report says you have six cards open how can you find out what they are?

Look on the credit report. It has to list what accountd are opened

Where can one find the expiration date of a credit card?

One can find the expiration date of a credit card online in the credit card company's website. In addition, the expiration date is on the back of the credit card.

How To Understand Your Credit Report?

If you want to save money on your large purchases, you should strive to maintain a good credit report. Your credit report gives lenders the information they need to determine whether or not to approve your loan. When you buy a house, car or any other significant purchase, you can save several hundreds or even thousands of dollars by maintaining a good credit score. You can order your credit report online at no charge once a year. If you have been turned down for a credit application, you can also request your credit report at no charge. The name of the three credit reporting agencies are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. There are online credit report agencies that will charge you a fee for your credit report. Make it a habit to check your credit report each year. Credit reporting agencies use your legal name, address, date of birth and social security number to identify you. Your credit report will list other names you may have if you are a female who has been married and divorced a few times. You will also find the addresses where you have lived previously. Be sure the information is factual because errors can occur. If you find an error on your credit report you should write the credit reporting agency immediately. You will find on your credit report a list of your credit accounts. The lender will report the date you opened the account, balance information and your payment history. The three credit report agencies vary slightly in their formats. Check your credit account information carefully for accuracy. Your credit report will also list companies that have inquired about your credit. Examples of these would include lenders, credit card companies and others. If you have any collection items or public record information such as bankruptcies, judgments or liens, then this information will also be included on your credit report. Take the time to order your credit report and take steps to improve your credit. Improving your credit will save you money on your large purchases. Make sure your credit report is accurate and monitor it at least once a year.

Where can I find free credit report scores online?

You can find your free credit report online at, however you may only get it once per year.

Where can one do a credit history check?

There are several ways to find out your credit report online you can use credit report for free with a 7 day trail or you can go to annual credit report you can recieve that once a year for free.

Why do you need a credit report?

A credit report will tell you what exactly is on your credit. You may find credit cards or other lines of credit you never authorized. You may also find credit cards you thought you closed, but didn't. Since business will judge you based on what's on your credit report, it's important to make sure it's all accurate.

Where could one find a free trans union credit report?

One can find a free 'TransUnion' credit report by visiting the 'TransUnion' official website and following the 'credit report' links. One can apply online or use the contact numbers.

How do you find a person bankruptcy or not?

Get a copy of their credit report.

How do you find out the Date Of Last Activity Date so you can calculate the 7 year window for retention?

Some credit reports do not display this information. But the bureaus have the date. You may have to call or write them on each account you are interested in.

How do you find out who you owe on your credit report to improve your credit score?

When you pull your credit report you will notice at the very last pages of this report your creditor informaiton. This includes the name if the creditor, address, and phone number.

What should you do if a creditor listed on your credit report is no longer at the location shown on the report?

Sumbit a dispute based on inaccurate information and let the credit report agency find them for you.