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on a 95 talon with a 420a.. the egr will be a metal tube in the back of the intake, far right near the manifold. follow that down and forward to the front of the engine..there is a small disk like thing there. on 2 rubber tubes. it works by vacumme and should allow air to flow one way. this is the egr valve.

Its just right of the intake manifold. About an inch to be exact. Easy to get careful though, there is a fragile vacuum line attatch to the egr valve. If its old and dry, the line will break. I know, I just broke mine today 03-08-07...

It's on the back of the air intake manifold, you can buy a haynes manual that will show a pic at any car parts store

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Q: Where can you find the egr valve on a 95 Eagle Talon?
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if it is a 2.0 it will be bolted to the back of the intake manifold on the tb side. concidering the guy who actually posted this answer above this typing knows nothing but where its at he is right look behind your thermostat housing on the intake manifold you will see the egr valve if your not a California model u wont have one though

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