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Hotel Governor Clinton was named after New York Governor DeWitt Clinton. It was built in 1929 in the Italian Renaissance style, unlike the classical style of Penn Station station and the nearby Hotel Pennsylvania. In 1929 it was New York's newest and finest hotel, handily just across from Pennsylvania Station at Seventh Avenue & 31st Street. It had 1200 rooms with every room having a window and private bath. It also offered circulating ice water.

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What is a sentence for outstanding?

The professor wrote outstanding on my history paper.

Was Clinton convicted by the senate?

The House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton in 1998. Clinton was tried, but not convicted. He is the second president in history to be impeached.

Who was the author of Living History?

Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote Living History.

What worst drought in southern Nevada history occurred in what year?

The worst drought in Southern Nevada history occurred in 2003.

What is the history of the Clinton surname?

Clinton is an English/Irish surname that means "settlement on the summit" in Old English.

Three people important to the Arkansas history?

* Bill Clinton the first US President from Arkansas. * Governor Orval Faubus creator of the Little Rock Crisis. * Judge Issac Parker the hanging judge.

Who is the longest serving governor in US History?

July 9 1777, New York elects Brigadier General George Clinton as the first governor of the independent state of New York. Clinton would go on to become New York's longest-serving governor, as well as the longest-serving governor in the United States, holding the post until 1795, and again from 1801 to 1804. In 1805, he was elected vice president of the United States, a position he held under Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, until his death in 1812

Is there any history that occurs in Miami?

EVERYTHING that has ever occurred is History..................

What has the author CLINTON HEYLIN written?


Who was the last governor to be recalled in California?

There has been only 1 governor to be recalled in California history. This governor is former governor Gray Davis.

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Eugene Clinton Elliott has written: 'A history of variety-vaudeville in Seattle from the beginning to 1914' -- subject(s): Vaudeville, Theater, History

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The address of the Museum Of World Mechanical History Inc is: Po Box 964, Clinton, LA 70722

Which of these best describes Julius Caesar?

an outstanding writer of roman history

Who was the first female governor of New Mexico?

New Mexico has not had a woman Governor in its history.

What was the irony of history that occurred in 1876?

the irony of history that occurred in 1876 is that the election of 1876 officially crushed the american dream for millions of black americans

Presedential candidates in history?

hillary clinton barock obomba

What did Bill Clinton contribute to history?

he was our first gay president

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The address of the Sampson County History Museum Inc is: Po Box 786, Clinton, NC 28329-0786

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Clinton Lloyd has written: 'The great lesson of the war' -- subject(s): History, United States

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George Clinton Densmore Odell has written: 'Shakespeare' -- subject(s): Stage history, Theater, History 'Shakespeare from Betterton to Irvin' -- subject(s): Theater, Stage history, London, History 'Shakespeare from Betterton to Irving' -- subject(s): Stage history, Theater, History

What is the climax in american history?

Something in the oval office of the Clinton administration

Who was in the president of the US on June 1995?

Bill Clinton----learn your history

What was one of the worst natural disasters in American history that occurred in 2005?

Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in August of 2005 was one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history.

In 1940 where did one of the greatest rescues in the history of warfare occur?

One of the greatest rescues in the history of warfare occurred in Dunkirk. The Battle of Dunkirk occurred between Germany and the Allies.

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