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There are a number of American History books that address this subject, and here are a couple of books I know about, which deal specifically with the anti-war movement: "An American Ordeal" by Charles DeBenedetti and "Telltale Hearts" by Adam Garfinkle. Also, most libraries have microfilm of the New York Times, which covered the anti-war movement, as did the Boston Globe, Washington Post, etc. There are also several individual memoirs-- Todd Gitlin's "The Whole World is Watching" is a good one (Gitlin was a war protester in college; today he is a sociologist), as is James Carroll's "An American Requiem" (he and his dad vehemently disagreed on the war-- he was an anti-war priest and his dad was in the military!).

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Q: Where can you find the history of the anti-war movement in the sixties?
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