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Enos James & Co / William & Enos James 36-38 Staniforth Street / 14 St Mary's Row / 38 Staniforth Street Birmingham, England Gun, Rifle & Pistol Makers 1877-1900 In 1877 Enos James & Co traded from 36-38 Staniforth Street; in 1889 they took additional premises at 14 St Mary's Row which became their principal offices. Enos James & Co appears to have ceased trading in 1900, presumably when Enos died, but it seems William (son) and Enos (perhaps not the original Enos but a son) were recorded as being in business at 38 Staniforth Street in 1900.

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Q: Where can you find the history on an Enos James Co shotgun with serial 115771?
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