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Where can you find the ignition wiring diagram for a 1985 Chevy Suburban?

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WIRING INFORMATION - Chevrolet / SUBURBAN / 1985 12volts red ignition harness Starter yellow or purple ignition harness Second Starter Ignition pink ignition harness Second Ignition Third Ignition Accessory orange ignition harness Second Accessory Keysense Power Lock lt. blue driver door harness Power Unlock black/white driver door harness Lock Motor Unlock Motor Parking Lights+ brown switch or fuse panel Parking Lights- Hazards Turn Signal(L) Turn Signal(R) Reverse Light Door Trigger white - under dash area Dome Supervision Trunk/Hatch Pin tied in with doors Hood Pin Trunk/Hatch Release Power Sliding Door Factory Alarm Arm Factory Alarm Disarm Disarm No Unlock Tachometer purple/white AC dist. or ECM Notes: Diesel wait to start wire is orange (+) located at the instrument cluster. 4-wire harness exiting back of distributor heading towards pass. side or pull glove box and ECM is silver box with two plugs. Wait to start Brake Wire white + at brake pedal switch Parking Brake Horn Trigger black - at column Memory Seat 1 Memory Seat 2 Memory Seat 3 Interface Module: Category: Immobilizer Bypass Required: No Type: N/A Part #: N/A Notes: This wiring information is being provided free of charge on an "as is" basis, without any representation or warranty. It is your responsibility to verify any circuit before interfacing with it using a digital multimeter.

2006-03-25 20:25:07
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