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Where can you find the insurance carrier of an exhibition in Connecticut?


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You'll need to contact the coordinator or the exhibition and ask them.


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Your own insurance carrier & the police will handle this. Of course if they never find out who hit you, then you will have no way of knowing. I agree with the 1st answer.,, and will allow you to find the least expensive insurance in your area.

Ask them. If they want to tell you they will.

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Exhibition insurance is used to protect the value of collectible items while on display. Should an item break, depending on the circumstances, insurance may or may not cover the cost to replace the item. One can contact their local insurance agent to find the best policy as they have the ability to quote from various insurance companies at once.

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Check with your agent. They should be able to locate a carrier that provides this type of insurance.

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You simply ask them. If you have a legitimte need to know, they wil tell you. If you need verification, you will have to contact the galleries insurance carrier.

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If you need to have something shipped that is expensive you can purchase shipping insurance. The insurance will be offered when you mail the package and if something happens to it the postal carrier would have to pay for it.

Even if the company is now bankrupt they probably had insurance when they were in business but you will have to find out the insurance company. Try to contact the attorney that is handling their BK and notify him that you have a claim. Your best action is to file a claim with your insurance carrier and let them go after the other party. How this will affect your rates depends on the policies of your carrier. Ask your insurance agent.

There are many websites offering cheap automobile insurance but be careful. It is best to go with a well-known and reliable insurance carrier to make sure you are covered adequately and can get payments should an accident occur.

People decide how much coverage they are willing to pay for, not the carrier. So the carrier has no liability beyond the policy itself. You can sue the carrier (insurance company), but you will lose and may find yourself the target of a countersuit for frivolous claims. It would be advisable to not try--unless you have several billions of dollars lieing around with no other purpose.

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