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there is a store in Michigan that sells a varity of laminates. the web site is, they ship to all 50 states and to Canada. usually ships in 7 to 10 days. but shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada will take longer.

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Q: Where can you find the laminate covering that goes on wooden furniture that makes it look good?
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Who makes wooden furniture?

The carpenter of course!

North Carolina makes more wooden what than any other state?


A person who makes furniture?

Who makes the furniture for club furniture?

the company that makes the furniture. example Muebles Mobinsa.

What brand makes real wood filing cabinets?

"A number of companies such as VermontWood Studios, Bush furniture and Sauder make solid wood furniture. Many large retailers carry these brands, and it can be expected that they will cost significantly more than press-wood laminate."

What is a furniture maker?

a person who makes furniture

What is a mortise and tenon joint used for?

Furniture, wooden windows, panel doors. Makes a very strong joint where you have wood going in opposite directions such as the corner in a window.

What is A man who makes things out of furniture?

A person who makes furniture out of wood is either a Carpenter, Woodworker, Cabinetmaker, or even a furniture maker.

What companies makes furniture in The US?

furniture factory outlet,ashleys furniture.

Are laminate and bamboo flooring comparable?

Bamboo floor is not the same as Wilsonart Laminate because laminate is an artificial product and bamboo flooring is a natural product. However, Wilsonart Laminate makes a laminate flooring in Hawaaian Bamboo pattern. For more information visit,,HPRO_22396_4854856,00.html.

How to Care for Laminate Floors and Keep Them Looking Like New?

Wood flooring is a popular choice for today’s homeowners because it is easy to care for and looks great in just about any room. Yet the high cost of solid wood makes wood flooring prohibitively expensive for many people. That is why laminate floors that mimic the look of real wood are so popular. Laminate flooring is made of several different layers of paper and covered with a protective outer layer that looks just like a plank of wood. Though they are durable, this construction requires that homeowners take good care of their laminate floors lest they become damage beyond repair. Here is a simple guide for maintaining laminate flooring in the home or office.First, never use a wet mop to clean laminate. Laminate floors will absorb water if too much is applied, and the portion of a floor that absorbs water will be ruined. Simple sweeping and mopping with only a mop head that is slightly damp will prevent any problems from occurring.Second, make sure to clean up immediately any liquids spilt upon a laminate floor. Such liquids can seep in and warp or swell the laminate planks.Third, never drag furniture across a laminate floor. The legs of a table or chairs can scrape at the laminate, removing its protective outer layer and even scratching the floor. Wood floors can be sanded to remove scratches, but laminate floors cannot be fixed in this way.Fourth, protect laminate floors from accidental dragging of furniture through the use of felt furniture pads that are attached to the bottom of the furniture legs. These pads have a sticky back, which attaches them to the furniture in question, and a felt bottom that cushions the floor and protects it from the legs of table, chairs, and other furniture.Finally, use area rugs in high traffic areas. Dirt and other substances tracked onto laminate floors can end up scratching the laminate in the long run. Having area rugs or protective mats will prevent much of these scratching agents from getting onto the floor. Also, making people take off their shoes before entering the house can keep these scratchy substances at bay.

Can you lay carpet on laminate flooring?

yes you can it makes no difference {edit:} IF you are gluing the carpet to the laminate. But if you plan to install tack strip and stretch the carpet, you risk the tension of the carpet pulling up laminate boards at the edges.

What makes rattan furniture better than or equal to regular furniture?

The thing that makes rattan furniture different from other furniture is that its beatiful, rough, dependable, and made for the outdoors. It makes your outdoor space more like another room. Rattan is an actual plant material and if your furniture is made from a rattan substitute it still will be equally as good.

What company makes the safest children's furniture?

Kidz Corner furniture has been rated as some of the safest furniture on the market.

What company makes Restoration Hardware's Hampshire outdoor furniture collection?

Ashley furniture

What is the state that makes wooden toothpicks?


What makes pool patio furniture different from regular patio furniture?

One difference between pool patio furniture and regular patio furniture is pool patio furniture is water resistant.

Who makes Cheers leather furniture?


Who makes the best medical office furniture?

Clinton Industries makes good medical furniture. But of course there are a lot of other companies that make great medical furniture. Mobile-Tronics is also a good one.

What body covering makes a bird different from other vertebrates?

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How do you remove nail polish from laminate flooring?

Non acetone nail polish remover will do the trick. First though test it in an area that isn't visible (a closet or under a piece of furniture). This makes sure it doesn't have a reaction. Put it on a q-tip and use as little as possible.

What is the Advantage of glass furniture?

Glass furniture have the following advantages:Gives modern look to decor, particularly when when combined with metal or wood. It is best for those who want a modern and minimalistic look for their houses.Is easy to maintain and there is no danger of termite attacks like in the case of wooden furniture.The best part is its transparency. It gives the illusion of space, which makes a room look bigger and more spacious.Tempered glass is very sturdy and can withstand any temperature. This increases the life of the furniture.---furniture zone & sleep shop

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