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The TOP line on the Condenser is the HIGH side-& the lines/hoses are smaller.Just start @ the compressor opposite the high side & U will find the LOW port.ITS usally close 2 the receiver/drier.

I just charged my AC last night. I found the low side port under the hood, right up by the windshield on the pasenger side, about 2.5 feet in from the side of the car. If you use a flashlight you can see the port go down about 5 inches to where it turns into whatever it goes to. It had a black cap. The recharging kit will only fit on the low side port. The high side port is next to the radiator, but I think you would only need to know this if you need to drain the system. The refridgerant is R134a, the same kind you can pick up at wallmart. You do not need to worry about it being R12.

This answer helped me find mine on my 1996. It had a blue cap right against the firewall on passenger side about 2ft from side of car.

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Q: Where can you find the low side AC valve on a 1997 Lincoln Continental?
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