Where can you find the meanings of the dashboard indicator warning lights on a Ford Focus?

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All dashboard warning lights and symbols are illustrated and explained in the Owners Manual.

See "Related Questions" below for where to find free online versions of 1996 and up Owners Manuals.

If you go to ford.com, and follow the links, you can download a copy of your manuals. User Guide, recommended maintenance schedule, etc...

You can download a free copy of the various Owners Manuals from Ford websites.

Ford makes all the Owners Manuals for their entire lineup, 1996 and newer, available online:

Another source is the Motorcraft website. See "Related Links" below

Edmunds.com has links to online Owners Manuals for other manufacturers.

See "Related Links" below
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What does this warning light on the dashboard mean?

Answer . Well, it could be alot of things. Oil may need to be changed, or pressure adjusted. A spark plug may need to be changed or the engine may be overheating. My advice

Dashboard warning lights and their meaning?

1. Seat Belt Reminder Light - this symbol appears and remains active as long as the engine is started and the seat belt remains unfastened. (Always remember to BUCKLE UP!)

What is the meaning of the warning lights on the dashboard of your Ford Falcon?

Dashboard lights are warning that somethings are not Right with the car .It does not tells how good or how bad things are. i DROVE MY TOYOTA truck forever with a warning light

What does ABS warning light indicate on dashboard on a 1998 ford explorer sport?

A malfunction with the Anti-lock Braking System has been detected (as long as the red brake light doesn't come on in your dash you still have "normal " braking ) It could be
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What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a Ford Falcon?

Read your owners manual if you have one. Red light is normally a warning of low oil pressure. SRS is an indication something is wrong with the air bag system. Check Engine Lig