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Most early model pre 1996 you have to remove the speedo drive cable by undoing the 10 mm screw metal cable retainer. When you have undone the 10 mil screw leave the Speedo cable attached and pull it up. The nylon speedo gear will easily pull out, and you can fill the oil in the hole. It takes 2.7/ 3.5 litres of oil depending on the type of motor. Check the correct level by pushing speedo gear into place, and remove it. The gear should have oil about half way up the gear if correctl level is attained...

The best way to add it is to get a funnel, attach a 1 meter clear plastic hose, fill it from the top using the container to work out how much was filled start at around 2.7 liters, if it ain't enough top it up to 3.5 litres.

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Q: Where can you find the plug to add oil for the transmission in a 1992 Ford Laser?
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