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Restriction CodeIf this is regarding a cellphone then the restriction code is only available from your service provider.If it is T-Mobile they may give you the code if you have had service for more than 6 months and you request the code. Advise them you are travelling abroad and wish to use a foreign SIM card. If it is Cingular then you will need to be a bit more persuasive. There are other unlock options for most phones though!

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You can get restriction code for your Nokia 3120 classic mobile phone from at reasonable price.Here they ask you to specify the country name,current network provider and IMEI umber of your mobile phone.

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PUK (phone unblocking code) can only be obtained via the Cell phone network provider

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A great and respected website on cell phone service is All you have to do is enter your zip code when you get to the page.

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Yes is is possible you just need a gsm network to do it the easiest way. to do that you have to find your cell phone modle. you will have to search the code to do it on google but once again it is very possible.

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In general, you can't, because most cell phones are not included in telephone directory listings, either in the phone book or online.

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Cell phone tracking allows you to use your GPS on your phone to find your phone if it is lost or stolen, it also allows you to find friends and family memebers as well.

You can find wireless accessories for your cell phone at your local cell phone stores or you can go to the store where you brought the phone from. If you want them for cheap you can buy them from amazon or eBay

What you do is you find another phone and call your cell phone provider and ask them how to unlock your cell phone.

f you can not find your cell phone you can ring from your landline to the cell.

You can find a used cell phone scanner online at websites such as eBay. You may also be able to find a listing for used cell phone scanners on Craigslist.

by going to a phone place and find out

The best place where you can find cell phone upgrades for your cell phone including Samsung is at your local cell phone technician. Alternatively, you can try the Phone Firmware update which can keep you Samsung mobile up-to-date.

You can find accessories for Pantech cell phone where ever that brand of phone is sold.One of the best places to buy cell phone accessories is at the mall or the corner grocery store.

Information about cell phones isn't as easy to find as that for a land line number. You are not able to just look it up in a book. But if you have access to a computer and the cell number, you can find out the name of that number's cell phone provider. Log onto and enter the area code and phone number. The website will display the provider for the handset assigned that number.

A person can find cell phone shop reviews online at cell phone provider's websites like Verizon, AT&T, Alltell, Nextel, and other cell phone providers that have phones.

Straight Talk offers a variety of prepaid cell phones. The activation code for your Straight Talk phone can typically be found on a red card that comes in the box. You can easily activate your phone online.

Unless you have a device where it turns your phone on when you ring until the voice mail comes on you will not find your cell phone.

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