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Where can you find the rock scoria?

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Around active or inactive felsic lava volcanoes, or in glacial drift, transported from areas of felsic lava volcanoes.

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Is scoria a sedimentary rock?

No. Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

What type of rock is scoria?

Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

Is scoria an intrusive or extrusive rock?

Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock with a vesicular texture.

Is scoria nutritious?

No. Scoria is rock. It is inedible.

Is scoria metamorphic?

No. Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

Can scoria hold fossils?

No. Scoria is a volcanic rock.

Is Scoria intrusive or extrusive?

Scoria is an extrusive ingeous rock.

What are the properties of scoria rock?

Scoria is a highly vesicular (porous), dark colored volcanic rock.

Is scoria a rock or mineral?

Scoria is a volcanic rock, basaltic in composition. It is a Greek word meaning cinder

Where is scoria rock found?

Scoria is found on and near volcanoes. Cinder cone volcanoes are largely composed of scoria.

What does scoria look like?

scoria looks like a reddish rock with holes in it.

What happens if wet a scoria rock?

Scoria is also known as Clinker... scoria (clinker) has fractures that allow water to infiltrate

What kind of rock is Scoria?

scoeia rock is Igneous

Is scoria a fine grained rock?


Are scoria and rhyolite the same in mineral composition?

Rhyolite is a rock type that is categorized by mineral composition. Scoria is a textural rock type. Like, Rhyolite can be smooth, or it can be scoria (sharper, bumpier, lots of vesicles).Think of it as a rock adjective.

Is scoria an igneous rock?

Yes,Scoria (a type of Basalt) Basalt is a dark-colored rock that formed as lava cooled and hardened. Scoria is a type of basalt that's full of bubble holes. The bubbles formed as the lava was blasted out of a volcano, and were trapped as the lava cooled and hardened.

What is the luster of scoria rock?

Vitreous (glassy)

Where is the lightest rock on earth found?


Is scoria a granite rock?

No. Scoria is a basaltic lava ejected as fragments from a volcano, typically with a frothy texture.

What type of rock has air pockets?

Vesicular rock such as pumice and scoria.

If a rock has many small holes what is it?

It is possibly a volcanic rock, for example scoria

When was the scoria rock discovered?

It was discovered in pre-history.

Which countries have scoria?

Scoria is a dark colored, extrusive igneous rock with a vesicular texture. It can be found in all countries that have volcanoes.

Is the rock Scoria found in the US?

Yes. The United States has a number of cinder cone volcanoes, which are composed largely of scoria.

Is slag a metamorphic rock?

No. Slag (more commonly called scoria) is an igneous rock.