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Where can you find the starter under the hood on the 1993 Buick Roadmaster?


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2005-12-26 14:33:06
2005-12-26 14:33:06

passenger side on the bottom rear of the engine block


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Remove the crossmember and drop it out the bottom no problem.

under the front of the engine about center of the engine. hope this helps

Not without serious modification, but anything is possible if you have enough money for a conversion.

Under the vehicle, passenger side, 2 feet in front of the rear tire, just inside the frame.

vacuum routing diagram can be found under the hood. if that is not an option try a haynes or chiltons manual

Bottom of engine, inside the oil pan.

Remove the fuel tank to gain access to it.

AnswerWhat make, model, engine, and year Buick?1993 sedan 5.7L roadmaster, please help!!

I have used regular "87" octane gas in my 1993 Buick Roadmaster for 7 years and it runs like a top. I don't know the gas mileage as my odometer doesn't work, but it seems to be OK.

flush the heater core in both directions with water

The head has to be removed on the 1993 Roadmaster to get to the gasket. You will need to remove the intake, exhaust manifold, and valve cover then unbolt the head to remove it. Check the head for warpage while it is removed.

At the lower rear end of the engine

you probably have a bad ground in the rear taillight assembly common problem

check under the passenger side of the engine. unless it's a front wheel drive then it's in the front of the vehicle under the exhuast manifold...

The 91-96 Buick Roadmaster as well as the rest of the b-body (Impala ss Caprice Fleetwood) line have 5x5 bolt pattern same as 90's models 2 wheel drive tahoes and silverado pick ups

The starter and solenoid are mounted together on the bottom front side of the engine

I believe yours has a starter mounted solenoid and not a relay.

Driver side front seating area, under dash, left of steering column, mounted on bracket.

the starter will be found under the intake if the engine is a northstar.

1991-96 Buick Roadmaster, 1991-96 Chevy Caprice/Impala SS, possibly 1993-96 Cadillac Fleetwood

its under the intake manifold if its a northstar

By the flywheel flexplate bottom of engine, follow batt cable (pos) to the end.

Jack and safely support right front side of car disconnect battery remove 2 bolts that support starter remove wires from starter solenoid slide starter out of housing reverse to install

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