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You can get a fair idea in what ball park you may be looking at by checking out similar items on e-bay.Otherwise keep typing it on your search and you may find it in the web somewhere.

check out ValueMyCollection (link provided) to price any collectible item as well as join their social forum to BUY-SELL-TRADE any collectibles.

There are also some great online Jack Daniels collectors and collections. Visit my Jack Daniels Blog (link provided) for some more info, or my personal collection (link provided).

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โˆ™ 2010-10-03 01:54:00
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Q: Where can you find the value of Jack Daniels collectibles online?
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Is there any value in a jack Daniels tin with jack Daniels cards and jack Daniels poker chips?

Not a lot at the moment. they sell for between £5 and £12 on ebay depending on the size of the set.

Where can you buy a bottle of jack Daniels silver select?

You can buy Silver Select Jack Daniels, on The Whiskey Exchange online. Not sold in US.

Can anyone help to value jack Daniels collectibles?

yes i can !! and anything i cant answer for u i can pick phone up and 1 call will have answer fpor you mate!!

Is Jack Daniels bitter?

No, Jack Daniels is not bitter.

What is a bottle of jack?

jack is short for Jack Daniels, so a bottle of jack is a bottle of Jack Daniels

How much fat is in Jack Daniels?

There is no fat in Jack Daniels.

What is the value of a 125 anniversary bottle of Jack Daniels unopened in box?


Where is Jack Daniels whiskey?

Jack Daniels is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

How many carbs in a shot of Jack Daniels?

There are no carbs in Jack Daniels.

How much is a bottle of Jack Daniels?

A fifth of Jack Daniels is about $20.

How many calories in jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels is a type of whiskey. There are close to sixty five calories in a one ounce serving of Jack Daniels.

Does jack Daniels and Diet Coke have any carbohydrates?

Jack Daniels has no carbs

A drink that begins with J?

Jack Daniels Whiskey Jack Daniels Whiskey

How much is one fifth of jack Daniels?

A fifth of Jack Daniels is about $20.

How many grams of sugar does jack Daniels whiskey have?

Jack Daniels has no sugar.

Does Jack Daniels has cholesterol?

There is no cholesterol in Jack Daniels.

Where is jack Daniels from?

Jack Daniels is produced in Tennessee.

Brass jack Daniels buckle with the serial number what do you think its value is?

10 USD

What is value of Jack Daniels whiskey tin in green color with 1904 on front?


Did jack Daniels die?

Jack Daniels the founder of the whiskey company died in 1911

What is a jack Daniels belle of Lincoln empty bottle No 12?

what is the value of empty 1.75 liter jack daniels belle of lincoln bottle with box and hanging booklet mystery of the belle of lincoln bottle

Where is jack Daniels made?

Jack Daniels was made in Wales, Lampeter

Does Jack Daniels contain brewers yeast?

No, Jack Daniels is filtered and contains no yeast.

When did Jack Daniels die?

Jack Daniels the founder of the whiskey company died in 1911

What the price of Jack Daniels Red Label?

Jack Daniels Red Label is about $16.99Ls.