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I have a copy of the unit history of the 381st Engineer Combat Battalion in my library. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

2007-03-15 10:06:43
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Who is your World War 2 heros?

My personal ones would be my father's older brother, and my grandmother's youngest brother. The latter went to enlist the day after Pearl Harbor, but he wanted to join the Army Air Force (the Air Force was still a part of the Army all through WWII), and the recruiter did not have enough forms. Everybody had to come back the next day, and there was a picture in the local paper of the group that returned and signed up. Because he got in so early he was able to complete training to be a rare bird - a sergeant bombardier. Soon after, the brass decided it took an officer to drop bombs, and anybody who hadn't finished the enlisted men's training course was transferred to another specialty. He was assigned to the 381st Bomb Squadron of the 310th Bomb Group (Medium), operating B-25 bombers. His plane went down in the Mediterranean February 8, 1943, returning to his base in Algeria from a raid on Sicily. His body was never recovered. There were two planes lost from his Group that day, with all crew members. One of them was carrying an extra man, so thirteen died. His crew had named their B-25 "The Cobra". One year to the day after they went down, their status was changed from MIA to presumed KIA, and the government, which was usually sensitive about such things in WWII, sent out a form letter to the families of all thirteen men. I suppose they were busy. His mother never gave up hope that somehow it was a mistake and he would return home. His name was Jim, and he was a great jokester. After he enlisted, but before he left home, he bought my mom a little teddy bear for Christmas, and there was a gift tag around its neck, to her from "Uncle Goon". They put that bear on the Christmas tree that year, and we had it on the tree every year while I was growing up. I've still got that bear.My dad's brother graduated from high school in early June, 1943, and two weeks before that he had gotten his draft notice. He was in basic training less than a month after receiving his diploma. His mom saved every letter, every scrap of correspondence, so I have a good idea what happened. In October 1943 he volunteered to go overseas as a replacement for a unit already in action. At the time he did that he was in the 66th Infantry Division, training in Florida. If he'd stayed put he might be an old man today. The 66th Infantry Division barely made it to France, in time to get in on only that last month or two of the war in Europe. One of the ships carrying them across the Channel from England to the mainland was torpedoed, and 762 men were killed, but that was the worst the 66th ID experienced. Instead, he went as a replacement to C Company, 30th Infantry, of the 3rd Infantry Division. There is little doubt that the 3rd ID was the finest division the US had in the war, Army or Marine. As an example, there were about 435 Medals of Honor awarded during the entire war, among all branches, among all the sixteen million who served. Thirty-seven of those went to soldiers of the 3rd ID - almost one tenth - to a unit that had at full strength not quite 15,000 men. One of the Marine divisions was second on the list, with twenty-one. Two members of my uncle's company earned the MOH, and both lived to get home, which was unusual, as more than half the Medals of Honor were posthumous. A company had only 187 men at full strength. Another "first" for the Third Infantry Division was that it way, way more men killed and wounded than any other US division - over 27,000 wounded, and over 6,600 killed (remember a division had only a bit less than 15,000 men). You can see why the division constantly needed replacements. (The Army's First Infantry Division was "second" on that list, with over 5100 killed). Most of the men killed in the entire war were foot soldiers, riflemen, in the "letter" or "line" companies of the Infantry Divisions, and this was the job my uncle was assigned to do. He was in C Company 30th Infantry for more than a year, and in combat or in the hospital recovering from wounds for thirteen months of that time. He was wounded four times before he was finally killed January 24, 1945, near Colmar, France. So, he was entitled to the Purple Heart with four Oak Leaf Clusters (you only got a medal one time - if you earned it again you got an Oak Leaf Cluster to wear on the ribbon). He also earned a Silver Star, and an Oak Leaf Cluster to that as well. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre by France. He was part of the first army to capture Rome from the south in 2000 years, and he was killed just after his unit fought its way through the Vosges Mountains, which had never been crossed in all recorded history by any army in winter, and had never been crossed at any time of the year by an army faced with opposition. He was promoted from Private First Class directly to Staff Sergeant (skipping two grades) in December, 1944, while in the hospital for the last time, recovering from wounds received in the action for which he was awarded the Croix de Guerre. He also celebrated his twentieth birthday during that hospital stay. Wounded men did not get to go home, unless their wound was severe enough to disqualify them for further combat (the so-called "million dollar wound"). The only way out for a rifleman was victory or death, or a disabling wound. A Staff Sergeant ordinarily led an infantry squad of twelve men. While being a rifleman was far and away THE most dangerous job to have in WWII, within the group of rifleman the most dangerous job was infantry platoon commander, normally a second or first lieutenant. These came and went with great frequency, as getting out in front and leading was a likely way to get killed. When the latest "ninety day wonder" (so-called from the length of the Officer Candidate School course that cranked them out) went down, the senior Staff Sergeant would lead the platoon (an infantry platoon had four squads). My uncle was leading the First Platoon of C Company when he died. They had just begin an operation to "reduce" the "Colmar Pocket", a heavily defended enclave of Germans still holding out on the west bank of the Rhine. They had crossed a small, but swiftly flowing little river, with steep banks, using footbridges stealthily emplaced by the combat engineers in the night. They had then gone down the far bank to "uncover" and capture the far end of the only bridge in the area, which they needed very badly, because tanks could not get across the little river, with its steep banks and swift current. They captured the bridge, but it was not strong enough to hold up the weight of tanks. The engineers called for reinforcing materials, to make the bridge strong enough, but the trucks carrying these materials got stuck in the traffic jam waiting to cross this only bridge in the area. Somebody got impatient. They had used what materials were on hand to reinforce the bridge, but there was a thirty foot gap in the middle not reinforced. The impatient officer decided to try to send across a tank anyway. The tank got to the middle of the Maison Rouge bridge, which then creaked, groaned and crashed down into the river, tank and all. This left the entire First Battalion, 30th Infantry, on the far bank with no direct armor support. They weren't too worried, as they could still call in artillery fire, and they had been in plenty of tight spots before. The Germans probably observed the collapse of the bridge, and the next morning sent out an attack spearheaded by five of the famous, dreaded Tiger tanks, with its fearsome 88mm cannon. My uncle climbed out of his fox hole, probably to direct the platoon bazooka team, and one of the Tigers fired its main gun, the 88mm at him, just like a rifle. The shells from that weapon came at the same velocity as a rifle bullet. He was blown up and instantly killed, and the entire First Battalion was shot up pretty badly. The Army Quartermaster Corps ran a warehouse complex in Kansas City, fourteen acres under the roof. This was where the personal effects of the men killed were processed. If you were killed in Europe, it took about six months for your effects to get back to your family. If you were killed in the Pacific, it took a year. In June, 1945 (a month after the war in Europe ended - my uncle was SO close to getting to the end) my grandmother got a letter from the quartermasters in Kansas City. They had my uncle's personal effects, which were about $22 he had in his pocket (his wristwatch was missing, probably looted by a German when they overran his position after he was killed - a watch was a good thing to have and not everybody did - his mom had sent him that watch in the mail in the autumn of 1944, because he had written home and asked for one). The quartermasters also had my uncle's Combat Infantryman's Badge. The CIB was something new during WWII, created because Army Chief of Staff General Marshall wanted some type of recognition for the riflemen, not all of whom got noticed doing something that got them a medal. My uncle's regiment got their CIBs in the "Pine Grove", their "rest area" in the Anzio beachhead, and they wore them in combat, on their fatigue jackets. The reason the quartermasters wrote my grandmother was that, as they said, the CIB "appeared to have been damaged" when he was killed, and they didn't want to send it, if it was going to upset her. They offered her a new CIB if she preferred, or the one he had on. She wanted the one he was wearing, and I have it today. Its a long rectangular metal badge, about three inches long and maybe a half-inch tall. My uncle's is bent, and has half a dozen tiny splinter holes all the way through it, like tiny bullet holes. Looking at it and knowing he was wearing it on his chest, you can understand he must have been completely peppered with shell splinters. He was buried the first time probably in a temporary divisional cemetery in the area where he was killed. After the war all these temporary cemeteries were emptied and the men removed to the beautiful, permanent cemeteries maintained today by the American Battle Monuments Commission. My uncle was in Epinal Cemetery. In the late 40s the Army wrote to next of kin and offered to bring home the remains of loved ones buried overseas. They wrote my grandmother in 1948, and she opted to have him returned (many did not - there's still over 200,000 buried in the ABMC Cemeteries). She debated having him buried in Arlington, but that was a long way from home, so he is in the cemetery here, working on his third burial. My grandmother wrote to the captain commanding C Company after the war, no doubt having read in the newspaper about the captain receiving the Medal of Honor. He replied, and I've exchanged letters with him too. He is today the oldest living recipient of the Medal of Honor. My grandmother lived another 43 years after her boy was killed, and she never got over it.These were just two average young American men, who in normal times probably would have lived normal, unremarkable lives. But, because they lived when they did, it fell to them to go do what had to be done. There are hundreds of thousands of stories much like theirs.

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Léontine Pauline241st Class17477£69 6sCherbourgSinger9AVERY, Mr James Frank22EngineSouthamptonTrimmer15AYOUB DAHER, Miss Banoura153rd Class2687£7 4s 7dCherbourgCBACKSTRöM, Mrs Maria Mathilda333rd Class3101278£15 17sSouthamptonDBACLINI, Mrs Latifa243rd Class2666£19 5s 2dCherbourgCBACLINI, Miss Marie Catherine53rd Class2666£19 5s 2dCherbourgCBACLINI, Miss Eugenie33rd Class2666£19 5s 2dCherbourgCBACLINI, Miss Helene Barbara9m3rd Class2666£19 5s 2dCherbourgCBADMAN, Miss Emily Louisa183rd Class31416£8 1sSouthamptonServantCBAGGOTT, Mr Allen Marden28VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardBAILEY, Mr Henry Joseph43DeckSouthamptonMaster-at-arms16BALL, Mrs Ada E.362nd Class28551£13Southampton10BALL, Mr Percy19VictuallingSouthamptonPlate StewardBANSKI, Mrs Mara313rd Class349244£8 13s 8dSouthamptonBARBER, Miss Ellen "Nellie"261st Class19877£78 17sServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid6BARKWORTH, Mr Algernon Henry471st Class27042£30SouthamptonJustice of the PeaceBBARRETT, Mr Frederick28EngineSouthamptonLeading Fireman13BAXTER, Mrs Hélène501st Class17558£247 10s 5dCherbourg6BAZZANI, Mrs Albina361st Class11813£76 5s 10dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid8BEANE, Mr Edward322nd Class2908£26Southampton13BEANE, Mrs Ethel192nd Class2908£26Southampton13BEAUCHAMP, Mr George William24EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker13BECKER, Mrs Nellie E.352nd Class230136£39Southampton11BECKER, Miss Marion Louise42nd Class230136£39Southampton11BECKER, Master Richard F.12nd Class230136£39Southampton11BECKER, Miss Ruth Elizabeth122nd Class230136£39Southampton13BECKWITH, Mr Richard Leonard371st Class11751£52 11s 1dSouthampton5BECKWITH, Mrs Sallie461st Class11751£52 11s 1dSouthampton5BEESLEY, Mr Lawrence342nd Class248698£13SouthamptonTeacher13BEHR, Mr Karl Howell261st Class111369£30Cherbourg5BENNETT, Mrs Mabel30VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessBENTHAM, Miss Lillian W.192nd Class28404£13Southampton12BESSETTE, Miss Nellie Mayo391st Class17760£63 7s 2dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid8BIDOIS, Miss Rosalie461st Class17757£247 10s 6dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid4BING, Mr Lee323rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeamanCBINSTEAD, Mr Walter19EngineSouthamptonTrimmer3BIRD, Miss Ellen311st Class17483£221 15s 7dServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid8BISHOP, Mr Dickinson H.251st Class11967£91 1s 7dCherbourg7BISHOP, Mrs Helen191st Class11967£91 1s 7dCherbourg7BJöRNSTRöM-STEFFANSSON, Mr Mauritz Håkan281st Class110564£26 11sSouthamptonBusinessmanDBLAKE, Mr Percival Albert22EngineSouthamptonTrimmerBLANK, Mr Henry391st Class112277£31CherbourgJeweller7BLISS, Mrs Emma45VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessBONNELL, Miss Caroline301st Class36928£164 17s 4dSouthampton8BONNELL, Miss Elizabeth611st Class113783£26 11sSouthampton8BOWEN, Miss Grace Scott451st Class17608£262 7s 6dServantCherbourgGoverness4BOWERMAN, Miss Elsie Edith221st Class113505£55Southampton6BOWKER, Miss Ruth27A la CarteSouthamptonCashierBOXHALL, Mr Joseph Groves28DeckBelfast4th. Officer2BRADLEY, Miss Bridget Delia223rd Class334914£7 14s 6dQueenstown13BRERETON, Mr George Andrew371st Class111427£26 11sSouthampton9BRICE, Mr Walter T42DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman11BRIDE, Mr Harold Sydney22VictuallingBelfastAssistant TelegraphistBBRIGHT, Mr Arthur John41DeckBelfastQuartermasterDBROWN, Mrs Caroline Lane591st Class11769£51 9s 7dSouthamptonDBROWN, Mrs Margaret441st Class17610£27 14s 5dCherbourg6BROWN, Miss Amelia Mary "Mildred"182nd Class248733£13ServantSouthamptonCook (Personal)11BROWN, Mrs Elizabeth Catherine402nd Class29750£39Southampton14BROWN, Miss Edith Eileen152nd Class29750£39SouthamptonScholar14BROWN, Mr Edward34VictuallingBelfastSaloon StewardBRYHL, Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg202nd Class236853£26Southampton12BUCKLEY, Mr Daniel213rd Class330920£7 15s 17dQueenstownFarm Labourer13BUCKNELL, Mrs Emma Eliza591st Class11813£76 5s 10dCherbourg8BULEY, Mr Edward John27DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman10BURGESS, Mr Charles Reginald18VictuallingSouthamptonExtra 3rd. BakerBURKE, Mr William31VictuallingBelfastSaloon StewardBURNS, Miss Elizabeth Margaret411st Class16966£134 10sServantCherbourgNursemaid3BURRAGE, Mr A.20VictuallingSouthamptonPlate Steward13BUSS, Miss Kate362nd Class27849£13Southampton9BYSTRöM, Mrs Karolina422nd Class236852£13SouthamptonCALDERHEAD, Mr Edward Pennington421st Class17476£26 5s 9dSouthampton5CALDWELL, Mr Albert Francis262nd Class248738£29Southampton13CALDWELL, Mrs Sylvia Mae282nd Class248738£29Southampton13CALDWELL, Master Alden Gates10m2nd Class248738£29Southampton13CAMERON, Miss Clear Annie352nd Class13528£21Southampton14CANDEE, Mrs Helen Churchill521st Class17606£27 8s 11dCherbourg6CARDEZA, Mrs Charlotte Wardle581st Class17755£512 6s 7dCherbourg3CARDEZA, Mr Thomas Drake Martinez361st Class17755£512 6s 7dCherbourgGentleman3CARTER, Mr William Ernest361st Class113760£120SouthamptonCCARTER, Mrs Lucile361st Class113760£120Southampton4CARTER, Miss Lucile Polk131st Class113760£120Southampton4CARTER, Master William Thornton II111st Class113760£120Southampton4CASSEBEER, Mrs Eleanor Genevieve361st Class17770£27 14s 5dCherbourg5CATON, Miss Annie33VictuallingSouthamptonTurkish Bath Stewardess11CAVELL, Mr George Henry22EngineSouthamptonTrimmerCAVENDISH, Mrs Julia Florence251st Class19877£78 17sSouthampton6CHAFFEE, Mrs Carrie Constance471st Class5734£61 3s 6dSouthampton4CHAMBERS, Mr Norman Campbell271st Class113806£53 2sSouthampton5CHAMBERS, Mrs Bertha321st Class113806£53 2sSouthampton5CHAPMAN, Mr Joseph Charles32VictuallingSouthamptonBootsCHAUDANSON, Miss Victorine361st Class17608£262 7s 6dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid4CHERRY, Miss Gladys301st Class110152£86 10sSouthamptonOf Independent Means8CHEVRé, Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce451st Class17594£29 14sCherbourgSculptor7CHIBNALL, Mrs Edith Martha Bowerman481st Class113505£55SouthamptonOf Independent Means6CHIP, Mr Chang323rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeamanCCHRISTY, Mrs Alice Frances452nd Class237789£30Southampton12CHRISTY, Miss Rachel Julie Cohen252nd Class237789£30Southampton12CLARK, Mrs Virginia Estelle261st Class13508£136 15s 7dCherbourg4CLARK, Mr William39EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerCLARKE, Mrs Ada Maria282nd Class2003£27Southampton14CLEAVER, Miss Alice Catherine221st Class113781£151 16sServantSouthamptonNursemaid11CLENCH, Mr Frederick34DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman12COHEN, Mr Gurshon "Gus"183rd Class3540£8 1sSouthamptonPrinter / Compositor12COLGAN, Mr E. Joseph33VictuallingSouthamptonScullionCOLLETT, Mr Sidney Clarence Stuart252nd Class28034£10 10sSouthampton9COLLINS, Mr Samuel35EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker1COLLINS, Mr John17VictuallingSouthamptonScullionCOLLYER, Mrs Charlotte Annie312nd Class31921£26 5sSouthampton14COLLYER, Miss Marjorie Charlotte "Lottie"82nd Class31921£26 5sSouthampton14COMBES, Mr George34EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerCOMPTON, Mrs Mary Eliza641st Class17756£83 3s 2dCherbourg14COMPTON, Miss Sara Rebecca391st Class17756£83 3s 2dCherbourg14CONNOLLY, Miss Kate233rd Class370373£7 15sQueenstown13COOK, Mrs Selena222nd Class14266£10 10sSouthampton14CORNELL, Mrs Malvina Helen551st Class11770£25 14s 10dSouthampton2CORR, Miss Helen163rd Class367231£7 15sQueenstown16COUPER, Mr Robert30EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerCOUTTS, Mrs Winnie "Minnie"363rd Class37671£15 18sSouthampton2COUTTS, Master William Loch "Willie"93rd Class37671£15 18sSouthampton2COUTTS, Master Neville Leslie33rd Class37671£15 18sSouthampton2CRAFTER, Mr 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Class17474£57Southampton3DILLEY, Mr John30EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerDILLON, Mr Thomas Patrick24EngineSouthamptonTrimmerDODGE, Dr Washington521st Class33638£81 17s 2dSouthamptonPolitician13DODGE, Mrs Ruth341st Class33638£81 17s 2dSouthampton5DODGE, Master Washington41st Class33638£81 17s 2dSouthampton5DOEL, Mr Frederick22EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerDOLING, Mrs Ada Julia342nd Class231919£23SouthamptonDOLING, Miss Elsie182nd Class231919£23SouthamptonDORE, Mr A.22EngineSouthamptonTrimmerDORKING, Mr Edward Arthur183rd Class10482£8 1sSouthamptonGroomBDOUGLAS, Mrs Mahala481st Class17761£106 8s 6dCherbourg2DOUGLAS, Mrs Mary Hélène271st Class17558£247 10s 5dCherbourg6DOWDELL, Miss Elizabeth313rd Class364516£12 9s 6dSouthamptonHousekeeper13DREW, Mrs Lulu Thorne342nd Class28220£32 10sSouthampton10DREW, Master Marshall Brines82nd Class28220£32 10sSouthampton10DROPKIN, Miss Jennie243rd Class392083£8 1sSouthamptonBox MakerDUFF GORDON, Sir Cosmo Edmund491st Class11755£39 12sCherbourgLandowner1DUFF GORDON, Lucy Christiana, Lady481st Class17485£56 18s 7dCherbourgDressmaker / Couturière1DUQUEMIN, Mr Joseph Pierre193rd Class752£7 11sSouthamptonMasonDDURAN Y MORE, Miss Florentina302nd Class2148£13 17s 2dCherbourg12DURAN Y MORE, Miss Asuncion272nd Class2149£13 17s 2dCherbourg12DYKER, Mrs Anna Elisabeth Judith223rd Class347072£13 18sSouthampton16DYMOND, Mr Frank25EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerEARNSHAW, Mrs Olive231st Class11767£83 3s 2dCherbourgOf Independent Means7ELLIS, Mr John Bertram30VictuallingSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook2EMANUEL, Miss Virginia Ethel53rd Class364516£12 9s 6dSouthampton13ENDRES, Miss Caroline Louise391st Class17757£247 10s 6dServantCherbourgNurse4ETCHES, Mr Henry Samuel41VictuallingBelfastBed Room Steward5EUSTIS, Miss Elizabeth Mussey541st Class36947£78 5s 4dCherbourg4EVANS, Mr Alfred Frank24DeckSouthamptonLookout15EVANS, Mr Frank Oliver27DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman10FAULKNER, Mr William Stephen37VictuallingBelfastBed Room Steward11FINOLI, Mr Luigi343rd Class3101308£7 1sSouthampton15FITZPATRICK, Mr Cecil William21EngineSouthamptonMess StewardFLARTY, Mr Edward43EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerFLEET, Mr Frederick24DeckBelfastLookout6FLEGENHEIM, Mrs Antoinette481st Class17598£31 13s 8dCherbourg7FLEMING, Miss Margaret421st Class17421£110 17s 8dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid4FLYNN, Mr John Irwin361st ClassPC 14474£26 5s 9dSouthampton5FOLEY, Mr John44DeckBelfastStorekeeperFOLEY, Mr William C.26VictuallingSouthamptonStewardFOO, Mr Choong323rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeaman13FORTUNE, Mrs Mary601st Class19950£263Southampton10FORTUNE, Miss Ethel Flora281st Class19950£263Southampton10FORTUNE, Miss Alice Elizabeth241st Class19950£263Southampton10FORTUNE, Miss Mabel Helen231st Class19950£263Southampton10FORWARD, Mr James27DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman16FRANCATELLI, Miss Laura Mabel311st Class17485£56 18s 7dServantCherbourgSecretary1FRAUENTHAL, Mr Isaac Gerald431st Class17765£27 14s 5dCherbourg5FRAUENTHAL, Dr Henry William491st Class17611£133 13sCherbourgDoctor5FRAUENTHAL, Mrs Clara421st Class17611£133 13sCherbourg5FREDERICKS, Mr Walter Francis20EngineSouthamptonTrimmerFRöLICHER, Miss Hedwig Margaritha221st Class13568£49 10sCherbourg5FRöLICHER-STEHLI, Mr Maximilian Josef601st Class13567£79 4sCherbourg5FRöLICHER-STEHLI, Mrs Margaretha Emerentia481st Class13567£79 4sCherbourg5FRYER, Mr Albert Ernest26EngineSouthamptonTrimmerFUTRELLE, Mrs Lily May351st Class113803£53 2sSouthamptonDGARSIDE, Miss Ethel342nd Class243880£13Southampton12GEORGE/JOSEPH, Mrs Shawneene383rd Class2688£7 4s 7dCherbourgCGIBBONS, Mr Jacob William36VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardGIBSON, Mrs Pauline Caroline441st Class112378£59 8sCherbourg7GIBSON, Miss Dorothy Winifred221st Class112378£59 8sCherbourg7GIEGER, Miss Amalie "Emily" Henriette351st Class113503£211 10sServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid4GILNAGH, Miss Mary Katherine "Katie"173rd Class35851£7 14s 8dQueenstown16GLYNN, Miss Mary Agatha193rd Class335677£7 15sQueenstown13GODLEY, Mr George34EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerGOLD, Mrs Katherine42VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessGOLDENBERG, Mr Samuel L.471st Class17453£89 2s 1dCherbourg5GOLDENBERG, Mrs Nella401st Class17453£89 2s 1dCherbourg5GOLDSMITH, Mrs Emily Alice313rd Class363291£20 10s 6dSouthamptonCGOLDSMITH, Master Frank John William93rd Class363291£20 10s 6dSouthamptonCGRACIE, Colonel Archibald531st Class113780£28 10sSouthamptonWriterBGRAHAM, Mrs Edith591st Class17582£153 9s 3dSouthampton3GRAHAM, Miss Margaret Edith191st Class17582£153 9s 3dSouthampton3GRAHAM, Mr Thomas G.28EngineBelfastFireman / StokerGREENFIELD, Mrs Blanche451st Class17759£63 7s 2dCherbourg7GREENFIELD, Mr William Bertram231st Class17759£63 7s 2dCherbourg7GREGSON, Miss Mary44VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessGUY, Mr Edward John28VictuallingSouthamptonBootsHAGGAN, Mr John35EngineBelfastFireman / Stoker3HAINES, Mr Albert M.31DeckBelfastBoatswain Mate9HAKKARAINEN, Mrs Elin Matilda243rd Class3101279£15 17sSouthampton15HALFORD, Mr Richard22VictuallingSouthamptonStewardHäMäLäINEN, Mrs Anna232nd Class250649£14 10sSouthampton4HäMäLäINEN, Master Viljo Unto Johannes8m2nd Class250649£14 10sSouthampton4HANNAH, Mr Borak ("Hannah Assi Borah")273rd Class2663£7 4s 7dCherbourg15HANSEN, Mrs Jennie Louise453rd Class350026£14 2s 2dSouthampton11HARDER, Mr George Achilles251st Class11765£55 8s 10dCherbourgBusinessman5HARDER, Mrs Dorothy211st Class11765£55 8s 10dCherbourg5HARDER, Mr William39DeckSouthamptonWindow Cleaner14HARDWICK, Mr Reginald21VictuallingSouthamptonKitchen Porter11HARDY, Mr John T.37VictuallingBelfastChief 2nd Class StewardDHARPER, Mr Henry Sleeper481st Class17572£76 14s 7dCherbourgOf Independent Means3HARPER, Mrs Myna491st Class17572£76 14s 7dCherbourg3HARPER, Miss Annie Jessie62nd Class248727£33Southampton11HARRIS, Mrs Irene351st Class36973£83 9s 6dSouthamptonDHARRIS, Mr George622nd Class752£10 10sSouthampton15HARRIS, Mr Frederick39EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerHARRISON, Mr Aragon D.40VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardHART, Mrs Esther Ada482nd Class13529£26 5sSouthampton14HART, Miss Eva Miriam72nd Class13529£26 5sSouthampton14HART, Mr John Edward31VictuallingSouthamptonStewardHARTNELL, Mr Frederick21VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardHASSAB, Mr Hammad271st Class17572£76 14s 7dServantCherbourgServant3HAWKSFORD, Mr Walter James451st Class16988£30SouthamptonSales Manager3HAYS, Mrs Clara Jennings521st Class12749£93 10sSouthampton3HAYS, Miss Margaret Bechstein241st Class11767£83 3s 2dCherbourg7HEALY, Miss Hanora "Nora"293rd Class370375£7 15sQueenstown16HEBB, Mr A.20EngineSouthamptonTrimmerHEDMAN, Mr Oskar Arvid273rd Class347089£6 19s 6dSouthamptonSettler Recruiter15HEE, Mr Ling243rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeamanCHEIKKINEN, Miss Laina263rd Class3101282£7 18s 6dSouthamptonHELLSTRöM, Miss Hilda Maria223rd Class7548£8 19s 3dSouthamptonCHEMMING, Mr Samuel Emest43DeckBelfastLamp Trimmer4HENDRICKSON, Mr Charles George29EngineSouthamptonLeading Fireman1HERMAN, Mrs Jane482nd Class220845£65Southampton9HERMAN, Miss Alice242nd Class220845£65Southampton9HERMAN, Miss Kate242nd Class220845£65Southampton9HEWLETT, Mrs Mary Dunbar562nd Class248706£16Southampton13HICHENS, Mr Robert29DeckSouthamptonQuartermaster6HIPPACH, Mrs Ida Sophia441st Class111361£57 19s 7dCherbourg4HIPPACH, Miss Jean Gertrude171st Class111361£57 19s 7dCherbourg4HIRVONEN, Mrs Helga Elisabeth Lindqvist223rd Class3101298£12 5s 9dSouthampton15HIRVONEN, Miss Hildur Elisabeth23rd Class3101298£12 5s 9dSouthampton15HOCKING, Mrs Elizabeth "Eliza"542nd Class29105£23Southampton4HOCKING, Miss Ellen "Nellie"202nd Class29105£23Southampton4HOGEBOOM, Mrs Anna Louisa511st Class13502£77 19s 2dCherbourgOf Independent Means10HOGG, Mr George Alfred29DeckBelfastLookout7HOLD, Mrs Annie Margaret292nd Class26707£26Southampton10HOLVERSON, Mrs Mary Aline351st Class113789£52Southampton8HOMER, Mr Harry401st Class111426£26 11sSouthamptonGambler15HONKANEN, Miss Eliina273rd Class3101283£7 18s 6dSouthamptonHOPKINS, Mr Robert John40DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman13HORSWILL, Mr Albert Edward James33DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman1HOSONO, Mr Masabumi412nd Class237798£13SouthamptonCivil Servant10HOWARD, Miss May Elizabeth273rd Class39186£8 1sSouthamptonLaundry WorkerCHOYT, Mr Frederick Maxfield381st Class19943£100SouthamptonDHOYT, Mrs Jane Anne311st Class19943£100SouthamptonDHUMPHREYS, Mr Sidney James48DeckSouthamptonQuartermaster11HUNT, Mr Albert22EngineSouthamptonTrimmerHURST, Mr Walter23EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerHYLAND, Mr Leo James19VictuallingSouthamptonSteward11HYMAN, Mr Abraham343rd Class3470£7 17s 9dSouthamptonFramerCICARD, Miss Amelie "Amelia"381st Class113572£80ServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid6ILETT, Miss Bertha172nd Class14885£10 10sSouthamptonISMAY, Mr Joseph Bruce491st Class112058SouthamptonShipownerCJACOBSOHN, Mrs Amy Frances Christy242nd Class243847£27Southampton12JALšEVAC, Mr Ivan293rd Class349240£7 17s 11dCherbourg15JANSSON, Mr Carl Olof213rd Class350034£7 15s 11dSouthamptonAJERMYN, Miss Annie Jane263rd Class14313£7 15sQueenstownDJERWAN, Mrs Marie Marthe232nd Class541£13 15s 10dCherbourg11JESSOP, Miss Violet Constance24VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessJEWELL, Mr Archie23DeckBelfastLookout7JOHANNESEN, Mr Bernt Johannes293rd Class65306£8 2s 3dSouthampton13JOHANSSON PALMQUIST, Mr Oskar Leander263rd Class347070£7 15s 6dSouthampton15JOHNSON, Mrs Elisabeth Vilhelmina263rd Class347742£11 2s 8dSouthampton15JOHNSON, Master Harold Theodor43rd Class347742£11 2s 8dSouthampton15JOHNSON, Miss Eleanor Ileen13rd Class347742£11 2s 8dSouthampton15JOHNSTON, Mr James41VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward2JONES, Mr Thomas William32DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman8JONSSON, Mr Carl253rd Class350417£7 17s 1dSouthamptonGeneral Labourer15JOUGHIN, Mr Charles John32VictuallingBelfastChief BakerBJUDD, Mr Charles E.32EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerJUSSILA, Mr Eiriik323rd Class3101286£7 18s 6dSouthampton15KANTOR, Mrs Miriam242nd Class244367£26Southampton12KARLSSON, Mr Einar Gervasius213rd Class350053£7 15s 11dSouthamptonMilitary13KARUN, Mr Franz393rd Class349256£13 8s 4dCherbourgHotelier15KARUN, Miss Manca43rd Class349256£13 8s 4dCherbourg15KASPER, Mr F.40EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerKEANE, Miss Nora Agnes462nd Class226593£12 7sQueenstown10KEEN, Mr Percy Edward28VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardKELLY, Mrs Florence "Fannie"452nd Class223596£13 10sSouthampton9KELLY, Miss Anna Katherine203rd Class9234£7 15sQueenstown16KELLY, Miss Mary223rd Class14312£7 15sQueenstownDKEMISH, Mr George24EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerKENNEDY, Mr John243rd Class368783£7 15sQueenstownFarm LabourerKENYON, Mrs Marion311st Class17464£51 17s 3dSouthampton8KIMBALL, Mr Edwin Nelson Jr.421st Class11753£52 11s 1dSouthampton5KIMBALL, Mrs Gertrude451st Class11753£52 11s 1dSouthampton5KINK, Mr Anton293rd Class315153£22 6dSouthampton2KINK-HEILMANN, Mrs Luise263rd Class315153£22 6dSouthampton2KINK-HEILMANN, Miss Luise Gretchen43rd Class315153£22 6dSouthampton2KNIGHT, Mr George44VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardKNOWLES, Mr Thomas42EngineSouthamptonFireman MessmanKREKORIAN, Mr Neshan253rd Class2654£7 4s 7dCherbourgGeneral Labourer10KREUCHEN, Miss Emilie291st Class24160£211 6s 9dServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid2LAM, Mr Ali383rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeamanCLANDERGREN, Miss Aurora Adelia223rd Class7077£7 5sSouthampton13LANG, Mr Fang323rd Class1601£56 9s 11dSouthamptonSeaman14LAROCHE, Mrs Juliette Marie Louise222nd Class2123£41 11s 7dCherbourg14LAROCHE, Miss Louise12nd Class2123£41 11s 7dCherbourg14LAROCHE, Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée32nd Class2123£41 11s 7dCherbourg14LAVINGTON, Miss Bessie38VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessLEADER, Dr Alice491st Class17465£25 18s 7dSouthamptonDoctor8LEATHER, Mrs Elizabeth May41VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessLEE, Mr Reginald Robinson41DeckSouthamptonLookout13LEENI, Mr Fahim ("Philip Zenni")223rd Class2620£7 4s 6dCherbourgGeneral Labourer6LEHMANN, Miss Bertha172nd Class1748£12Cherbourg12LEITCH, Miss Jessie Wills312nd Class248727£33Southampton11LEMORE, Mrs Amelia "Milley"342nd Class34260£10 10sSouthampton14LEROY, Miss Berthe271st Class17761£106 8s 6dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid2LESUEUR, Mr Gustave J.351st Class17755£512 6s 7dServantCherbourgServant3LEWIS, Mr Arthur Ernest Read27VictuallingSouthamptonStewardLIGHTOLLER, Mr Charles Herbert38DeckBelfast2nd. OfficerBLINDQVIST, Mr Eino William203rd Class3101285£7 18s 6dSouthampton15LINDSAY, Mr William Charles30EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker3LINDSTRöM, Mrs Sigrid551st Class112377£27 14s 5dCherbourg6LINES, Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey501st Class17592£39 8sCherbourg9LINES, Miss Mary Conover161st Class17592£39 8sCherbourg9LITTLEJOHN, Mr Alexander James40VictuallingBelfastSaloon StewardLONGLEY, Miss Gretchen Fiske211st Class13502£77 19s 2dCherbourg10LOUCH, Mrs Alice Adelaide422nd Class3085£26SouthamptonLOWE, Mr Harold Godfrey29DeckBelfast5th. Officer14LUCAS, Mr William A.25DeckSouthamptonAble SeamanDLUCAS, Mr William34VictuallingBelfastSaloon StewardALULIC, Mr Nikola293rd Class315098£8 13s 3dSouthampton15LUNDIN, Miss Olga Elida232nd Class347469£7 17s 1dSouthampton10LUNDSTRöM, Mr Thure Edvin323rd Class350403£7 11s 7dSouthampton15LURETTE, Miss Eugenie Elise591st Class17569£146 10s 5dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid6MACKAY, Mr Charles Donald34VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward11MADIGAN, Miss Margaret "Maggie"213rd Class370370£7 15sQueenstown15MADILL, Miss Georgette Alexandra161st Class24160£211 6s 9dSouthampton2MADSEN, Mr Fridtjof Arne243rd Class17369£7 2s 10dSouthampton13MAIONI, Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary191st Class110152£86 10sServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid8MAJOR, Mr William James32EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker13MALLET, Mrs Antonine Marie242nd Class2079£37 1dCherbourg10MALLET, Master André Clement12nd Class2079£37 1dCherbourg10MAMEE, Mr Hanna203rd Class2677£7 4s 7dCherbourg15MANNION, Miss Margaret283rd Class36866£7 14s 9dQueenstown16MARéCHAL, Mr Pierre281st Class11774£29 14sCherbourgAviator7MARSDEN, Miss Evelyn28VictuallingSouthamptonStewardess16MARTIN, Mrs Annie33VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessMARTIN, Mr F.29VictuallingSouthamptonScullionMARTIN, Miss Mabel Edwina20A la CarteSouthamptonCashierMARVIN, Mrs Mary Graham Carmichael181st Class113773£53 2sSouthampton10MASON, Mr Frank Archibald Robert32EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerMAUGE, Mr Paul Achille Maurice Germain25A la CarteSouthamptonKitchen ClerkMAYNARD, Mr Isaac Hiram31VictuallingBelfastEntre CookBMAYNé, Mlle Bertha Antonine241st Class17482£49 10s 1dCherbourgSinger6MAYZES, Mr Thomas25EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerMCCARTHY, Mr William47DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman4MCCARTHY, Miss Catherine "Katie"243rd Class383123£7 15sQueenstown15MCCORMACK, Mr Thomas Joseph193rd Class367228£7 15sQueenstownBarmanMCCOY, Miss Agnes293rd Class367226£23 5sQueenstown16MCCOY, Miss Alicia263rd Class367226£23 5sQueenstown16MCCOY, Mr Bernard243rd Class367226£23 5sQueenstownGeneral Labourer16MCDERMOTT, Miss Bridget Delia313rd Class330932£7 15s 8dQueenstown13MCGANN, Mr James26EngineSouthamptonTrimmerMCGOUGH, Mr James Robert351st Class17473£26 5s 9dSouthamptonBuyer7MCGOUGH, Mr George Francis36DeckSouthamptonAble SeamanMCGOVERN, Ms Mary223rd Class330931£7 17s 7dQueenstown13MCGOWAN, Miss Anna "Annie"173rd Class330923£8 7dQueenstownMCINTYRE, Mr William21EngineSouthamptonTrimmerMCLAREN, Mrs40VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessMCMICKEN, Mr Arthur23VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward11MELLINGER, Mrs Elizabeth Anne412nd Class250644£19 10sSouthampton14MELLINGER, Miss Madeleine Violet132nd Class250644£19 10sSouthampton14MELLORS, Mr William John192nd Class751£10 10sSouthamptonSalesmanBMEYER, Mrs Leila251st Class17604£82 3s 5dCherbourg6MIDTSJø, Mr Karl Albert213rd Class345501£7 15s 6dSouthamptonFarmer15MILLS, Mr Christopher51VictuallingSouthamptonButcherMINAHAN, Mrs Lillian E.371st Class19928£9014MINAHAN, Miss Daisy E.331st Class19928£9014MOCK, Mr Philipp Edmund301st Class13236£57 15sCherbourg11MOCKLER, Miss Ellen Mary233rd Class330980£7 17s 7dQueenstown16MOOR, Mrs Beila293rd Class392096£12 9s 6dSouthamptonTailor14MOOR, Master Meier73rd Class392096£12 9s 6dSouthampton14MOORE, Mr George Alfred32DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman3MOORE, Mr John J.29EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerMORAN, Miss Bertha Bridget283rd Class371110£24 3sQueenstown16MORRIS, Mr Frank Herbert28VictuallingBelfastBath Room Steward14MOSS, Mr Albert Johan293rd Class312991£7 15s 6dSouthamptonBMOUBAREK, Mrs Omine243rd Class2661£15 4s 11dCherbourgCMOUBAREK, Master Gerios ("George _")73rd Class2661£15 4s 11dCherbourgCMOUBAREK, Master Halim Gonios ("William George")43rd Class2661£15 4s 11dCherbourgCMOUSSA, Mrs Mantoura Boulos353rd Class2626£7 4s 7dCherbourgHousewifeMOUSSELMANI, Mrs Fatima223rd Class2649£7 4s 6dCherbourgCMULLEN, Miss Katherine "Katie"213rd Class35852£7 14s 8dQueenstown16MULVIHILL, Miss Bridget Elizabeth253rd Class382653£7 15sQueenstown15MURDOCH, Mr William John33EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerMURPHY, Miss Nora343rd Class36568£15 10sQueenstown16MURPHY, Miss Margaret Jane "Mary" "Maggie"253rd Class367230£15 10sQueenstown16MURPHY, Miss Catherine "Kate"183rd Class367230£15 10sQueenstown16NAJIB KIAMIE, Miss Adele "Jane"153rd Class2667£7 4s 6dCherbourgCNAKID, Mr Sahid203rd Class2653£15 14s 10dCherbourgCNAKID, Mrs Waika "Mary"193rd Class2653£15 14s 10dCherbourgCNAKID, Miss Maria13rd Class2653£15 14s 10dCherbourgCNASSER, Mrs Adele142nd Class237736£30 1s 5dCherbourgNAVRATIL, Master Edmond Roger22nd Class230080£26SouthamptonDNAVRATIL, Master Michel Marcel32nd Class230080£26SouthamptonDNEAL, Mr Henry25VictuallingSouthamptonBakerNEWELL, Miss Marjorie Anne231st Class35273£113 5s 6dCherbourg6NEWELL, Miss Madeleine311st Class35273£113 5s 6dCherbourg6NEWSOM, Miss Helen Monypeny191st Class11752£26 5s 8dSouthampton5NICHOLS, Mr Walter Henry35VictuallingSouthamptonAssistant Saloon StewardNICOLA-YARRED, Miss Jamila ("Amelia Garrett")143rd Class2651£11 4s 10dCherbourgCNICOLA-YARRED, Master Elias ("Louis Garrett")113rd Class2651£11 4s 10dCherbourgCNILSSON, Miss Berta Olivia183rd Class347066£7 15s 6dSouthamptonDNILSSON, Miss Helmina Josefina263rd Class347470£7 17s 1dSouthampton13NISKäNEN, Mr Juha393rd Class3101289£7 18s 6dSouthampton9NOSS, Mr Henry30EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerNOURNEY, Mr Alfred201st Class2166£13 17s 3dCherbourgGentleman7NUTBEAN, Mr William30EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerNYE, Mrs Elizabeth292nd Class29395£10 10sSouthampton11NYSTEN, Miss Anna Sofia223rd Class347081£7 15sSouthampton13O'BRIEN, Mrs Johanna "Hannah"263rd Class370365£15 10sQueenstownHousewifeO'CONNOR, Mr John25EngineSouthamptonTrimmerO'DRISCOLL, Miss Bridget273rd Class14311£7 15sQueenstownDO'DWYER, Miss Ellen "Nellie"253rd Class330959£7 17s 7dQueenstownO'KEEFE, Mr Patrick213rd Class368402£7 15sQueenstownFarm LabourerBO'LEARY, Miss Hanora "Nora"163rd Class330919£7 16s 7dQueenstown13ÖHMAN, Miss Velin223rd Class347085£7 15s 6dSouthamptonCOLIVA Y OCANA, Doña Fermina391st Class17758£108 18sServantCherbourgPersonal Maid8OLIVER, Mr Harry32EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerOLLIVER, Mr Alfred27DeckBelfastQuartermaster5OLSEN, Master Artur Karl93rd Class17368£3 3s 5dSouthampton13OLSSON, Mr Oscar Wilhelm323rd Class347079£7 15s 6dSouthamptonAOMONT, Mr Alfred Fernand291st Class12998£25 14s 10dCherbourgDealer7OSMAN, Mr Frank28DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman2OSTBY, Miss Helen Ragnhild221st Class113509£61 19s 7dSouthampton5OTHEN, Mr Charles35EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerOXENHAM, Mr Percy Thomas222nd Class14260£10 10sSouthamptonMason13PADRON MANENT, Mr Julian262nd Class2146£13 17s 3dCherbourgChauffeur9PALLAS Y CASTELLO, Mr Emilio292nd Class2147£13 17s 2dCherbourg9PARRISH, Mrs Lutie Davis592nd Class230433£26Southampton12PASCOE, Mr Charles H.43DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman8PEARCE, Mr John28EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerPEARCEY, Mr Albert Victor32VictuallingSouthamptonStewardPEARS, Mrs Edith221st Class113776£66 12sSouthampton8PELHAM, Mr George39EngineSouthamptonTrimmer16PEñASCO Y CASTELLANA, Mrs Maria Josefa Perezde Soto y Vallejo221st Class17758£108 18sCherbourgOf Independent Means8PERKIS, Mr Walter John37DeckBelfastQuartermaster4PERREAULT, Miss Mary Anne331st Class12749£93 10sServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid3PERRY, Mr Edgar Lionel19EngineSouthamptonTrimmerPERSSON, Mr Ernst Ulrik253rd Class347083£7 15s 6dSouthamptonChauffeur15PETER / JOSEPH, Mrs Catherine243rd Class2668£22 7s 2dCherbourgCPETER / JOSEPH, Master Michael J. ("Michael Joseph")43rd Class2668£22 7s 2dCherbourgDPETER / JOSEPH, Miss Anna ("Mary Joseph")23rd Class2668£22 7s 2dCherbourgCPETERS, Mr William Chapman26DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman9PEUCHEN, Major Arthur Godfrey521st Class113786£30 10sSouthampton6PFROPPER, Mr Richard30VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardPHILLIMORE, Mr Harold Charles William23VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward14PHILLIPS, Miss Alice Frances Louisa212nd Class2£21Southampton12PHILLIPS, Miss Kate Florence192nd Class250655£26Southampton11PICKARD, Mr Berk323rd Class392078£8 1sSouthamptonLeather Worker9PINSKY, Mrs Rosa322nd Class234604£13Southampton9PITMAN, Mr Herbert John34DeckBelfast3rd. Officer5PODESTA, Mr John Alexander24EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerPOINGDESTRE, Mr John Thomas33DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman12PORT, Mr Frank22VictuallingSouthamptonStewardPORTALUPPI, Mr Emilio Ilario Giuseppe302nd Class34644£12 14s 9dCherbourg14POTTER, Mrs Lily Alexenia561st Class11767£83 3s 2dCherbourg7PRANGNELL, Mr George Alexander30EngineSouthamptonGreaserPRENTICE, Mr Frank Winnold22VictuallingSouthamptonStorekeeperPRICHARD, Mrs Alice33VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessPRIEST, Mr Arthur John24EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerPRIOR, Mr Harold John21VictuallingSouthamptonStewardPUGH, Mr Alfred20VictuallingSouthamptonStewardPUSEY, Mr Robert William24EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker1QUICK, Mrs Jane332nd Class26360£26Southampton11QUICK, Miss Winifred Vera82nd Class26360£26Southampton11QUICK, Miss Phyllis May22nd Class26360£26Southampton11RANGER, Mr Thomas29EngineSouthamptonGreaser4RAY, Mr Frederick Dent32VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward13RENOUF, Mrs Lillian302nd Class31027£21SouthamptonREYNALDO, Ms Encarnacion282nd Class230434£13Southampton9RHEIMS, Mr George Alexander Lucien361st Class17607£39 12sCherbourgARICE, Mr Charles32EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerRICHARDS, Mrs Emily242nd Class29106£18 15sSouthampton4RICHARDS, Master William Rowe32nd Class29106£18 15sSouthampton4RICHARDS, Master Sibley George9m2nd Class29106£18 15sSouthampton4RIDSDALE, Miss Lucy502nd Class14258£10 10sSouthampton13RIORDAN, Miss Hannah183rd Class334915£7 14s 5dQueenstown13ROBERT, Mrs Elisabeth Walton431st Class24160£211 6s 9dSouthamptonOf Independent Means2ROBERTS, Mrs Mary Kezziah41VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessROBINSON, Mrs Annie40VictuallingSouthamptonStewardess11ROMAINE, Mr Charles Hallace451st Class111428£26 11sSouthampton9ROSENBAUM, Miss Edith Louise341st Class17613£27 14s 5dCherbourgJournalist11ROSS, Mr Horace Leopold36VictuallingSouthamptonScullionROTH, Miss Sarah A.263rd Class342712£8 1sSouthamptonTailorCROTHES, Lucy Noël Martha, Countess of331st Class110152£86 10sSouthamptonOf Independent Means8ROTHSCHILD, Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne541st Class17603£59 8sCherbourg6ROWE, Mr George Thomas32DeckBelfastQuartermasterCRUGG, Miss Emily212nd Class31026£10 10sSouthampton12RULE, Mr Samuel James58VictuallingBelfastBath Room StewardRYAN, Mr Edward243rd Class383162£7 15sQueenstownGeneral Labourer14RYERSON, Mrs Emily Maria481st Class17608£262 7s 6dCherbourg4RYERSON, Miss Emily Borie181st Class17608£262 7s 6dCherbourg4RYERSON, Miss Susan Parker "Suzette"211st Class17608£262 7s 6dCherbourg4RYERSON, Master John Borie131st Class17608£262 7s 6dCherbourg4RYERSON, Mr William Edwy32VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardSAALFELD, Mr Adolphe471st Class19988£30 10sSouthamptonBusinessman3SäGESSER, Mlle Emma241st Class17477£69 6sServantCherbourgPersonal Maid9SALKJELSVIK, Miss Anna Kristine213rd Class343120£7 13sSouthamptonCSALOMON, Mr Abraham Lincoln431st Class111163£26CherbourgBusinessman1SANDSTRöM, Mrs Agnes Charlotta243rd Class9549£16 14sSouthampton13SANDSTRöM, Miss Beatrice Irene13rd Class9549£16 14sSouthampton13SANDSTRöM, Miss Marguerite Rut43rd Class9549£16 14sSouthampton13SAP, Mr Julius ("Jules _")213rd Class345768£9 10sSouthampton11SAVAGE, Mr Charles J.23VictuallingSouthamptonStewardSCARROTT, Mr Joseph George33DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman14SCHABERT, Mrs Emma351st Class13236£57 15sCherbourg11SCHEERLINCK, Mr Jean293rd Class345779£9 10sSouthampton11SCOTT, Mr Frederick William28EngineSouthamptonGreaserSELF, Mr Edward25EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerSENIOR, Mr Harry31EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerSERREPLAN, Miss Auguste301st Class113798£31ServantSouthamptonPersonal Maid4SEWARD, Mr Frederic Kimber341st Class113794£26 11sSouthamptonLawyer7SEWARD, Mr Wilfred Deable25VictuallingSouthamptonChief Pantry StewardSHEATH, Mr Frederick20EngineSouthamptonTrimmer1SHELLEY, Mrs Imanita Parrish252nd Class230433£26Southampton12SHIERS, Mr Alfred Charles25EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerSHINE, Miss Ellen Natalia203rd Class330968£7 16s 7dQueenstownSHUTES, Miss Elizabeth Weed401st Class17582£153 9s 3dServantSouthamptonGoverness3SILVéN, Miss Lyyli Karoliina172nd Class250652£13Southampton16SILVERTHORNE, Mr Spencer Victor351st Class17475£26 5s 9dSouthampton5SILVEY, Mrs Alice391st Class13507£55 18sCherbourg11SIMMONS, Mr Alfred (Andrew)31VictuallingSouthamptonScullionSIMONIUS-BLUMER, Mr Colonel (Oberst) Alfons561st Class13213£35 10sSouthamptonBanker3SINCOCK, Miss Maude202nd Class33112£36 15sSouthampton11SINKKONEN, Miss Anna302nd Class250648£13Southampton10SJöBLOM, Miss Anna Sofia183rd Class3101265£6 9s 11dSouthampton16SLAYTER, Miss Hilda Mary302nd Class234818£12 7sQueenstown13SLOAN, Miss Mary28VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessSLOCOMBE, Mrs Maud (née Waldon)30VictuallingSouthamptonTurkish Bath StewardessSLOPER, Mr William Thompson281st Class113788£35 10sSouthamptonStockbroker7SMITH, Mrs Mary Eloise181st Class13695£60Cherbourg6SMITH, Miss Marion Elsie392nd Class31418£13Southampton9SMITH, Miss Katherine E.42VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessSMYTH, Miss Julia173rd Class335432£7 14s 8dQueenstown13SNOW, Mr Eustace Philip21EngineSouthamptonTrimmerSNYDER, Mr John Pillsbury241st Class21228£82 5s 4dSouthampton7SNYDER, Mrs Nelle231st Class21228£82 5s 4dSouthampton7SPARKMAN, Mr H.30EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerSPEDDEN, Mr Frederic Oakley451st Class16966£134 10sCherbourg3SPEDDEN, Mrs Margaretta Corning391st Class16966£134 10sCherbourg3SPEDDEN, Master Robert Douglas61st Class16966£134 10sCherbourg3SPENCER, Mrs Marie Eugenie451st Class17569£146 10s 5dCherbourg6STäHELIN-MAEGLIN, Dr Max321st Class13214£30 10sSouthamptonLawyer3STANLEY, Miss Amy Zillah Elsie243rd Class2314£7 11sSouthamptonServantCSTAP, Miss Sarah Agnes47VictuallingSouthamptonStewardessSTENGEL, Mr Charles Emil Henry541st Class11778£55 8s 10dCherbourgBusinessman1STENGEL, Mrs Annie May441st Class11778£55 8s 10dCherbourg5STEPHENSON, Mrs Martha521st Class36947£78 5s 4dCherbourg4STEWART, Mr John27VictuallingBelfastVerandah Steward15STONE, Mrs Martha Evelyn621st Class113572£80Southampton6STRANDéN, Mr Juho Niilosson313rd Class3101288£7 18s 6dSouthampton9STREET, Mr Thomas Albert25EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerSUNDERLAND, Mr Victor Francis203rd Class392089£8 1sSouthamptonFarmerBSUNDMAN, Mr Johan Julian443rd Class3101269£7 18s 6dSouthampton15SVENSSON, Mr Johan Cervin143rd Class7538£9 4s 6dSouthampton13SWIFT, Mrs Margaret Welles461st Class17466£25 18s 7dSouthampton8SYMONS, Mr George Thomas Macdonald24DeckSouthamptonLookout1TAUSSIG, Mrs Tillie391st Class110413£79 13sSouthampton8TAUSSIG, Miss Ruth181st Class110413£79 13sSouthampton8TAYLOR, Mr Elmer Zebley481st Class19996£52SouthamptonManufacturer5TAYLOR, Mrs Juliet Cummins491st Class19996£52Southampton5TAYLOR, Mr James24EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker1TAYLOR, Mr William Henry26EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerTENGLIN, Mr Gunnar Isidor253rd Class350033£7 15s 11dSouthampton13TERRELL, Mr Frank27VictuallingSouthamptonAssistant Saloon StewardTHAYER, Mrs Marian Longstreth391st Class17421£110 17s 8dCherbourg4THAYER, Mr John Borland jr171st Class17421£110 17s 8dCherbourgScholarBTHEISSINGER, Mr Alfred43VictuallingSouthamptonBed Room StewardTHOMAS, Mrs Thamine "Thelma"163rd Class2625£8 10s 4dCherbourg14THOMAS, Mr Benjamin James32VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward15THOMAS, Mr Albert Charles23VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardTHOMAS/TANNOUS, Master Assad Alexander5m3rd Class2625£8 10s 4dCherbourg16THOMPSON, Mr John William35EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerATHORNE, Miss Gertrude Maybelle381st Class17585£80 4dCherbourgDTHORNEYCROFT, Mrs Florence Kate323rd Class376564£16 2sSouthampton10THRELFALL, Mr Thomas44EngineSouthamptonLeading FiremanTHRESHER, Mr George Terrill25EngineSouthamptonFireman / Stoker9TOMS, Mr Francis A.31VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward15TOOMEY, Miss Ellen Mary482nd Class13531£10 10sSouthamptonServant9TöRNQUIST, Mr William Henry253rd Class370160SouthamptonSeaman15TOUMA, Mrs Hanna Youssef273rd Class2650£15 4s 11dCherbourgCTOUMA, Miss Maria Youssef ("Mary Thomas")93rd Class2650£15 4s 11dCherbourgCTOUMA, Master Georges Youssef ("George Thomas")83rd Class2650£15 4s 11dCherbourgCTRIGGS, Mr Robert40EngineSouthamptonFireman / StokerTROUT, Mrs Jessie L.262nd Class240929£12 13sSouthampton9TROUTT, Miss Edwina Celia272nd Class34218£10 10sSouthampton16TUCKER, Mr Gilbert Milligan jr311st Class2543£28 10s 9dCherbourg7TURJA, Miss Anna Sofia183rd Class4138£9 16s 10dSouthampton15TURKULA, Mrs Hedwig633rd Class4134£9 11s 9dSouthampton15VARTANIAN, Mr David223rd Class2658£7 4s 6dCherbourg13VIGOTT, Mr Philip Francis32DeckSouthamptonAble Seaman13WALLCROFT, Miss Ellen "Nellie"362nd Class13528£21Southampton14WARD, Miss Annie Moore381st Class17755£512 6s 7dServantCherbourgPersonal Maid3WARD, Mr William36VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardWARE, Mrs Florence Louise312nd Class31352£21Southampton10WARREN, Mrs Anna Sophia601st Class110813£75 5sCherbourg5WATT, Mrs Elizabeth "Bessie" Inglis402nd Class33595£15 15sSouthampton9WATT, Miss Robertha Josephine "Bertha"122nd Class33595£15 15sSouthampton9WEBBER, Miss Susan372nd Class27267£13Southampton12WEIKMAN, Mr August H.51VictuallingSouthamptonBarberWEISZ, Mrs Mathilde Françoise372nd Class228414£26Southampton10WELLER, Mr William Clifford30DeckBelfastAble Seaman7WELLS, Mrs "Addie" Dart292nd Class29103£23Southampton14WELLS, Miss Joan42nd Class29103£23Southampton14WELLS, Master Ralph Lester22nd Class29103£23Southampton14WENNERSTRöM, Mr August273rd Class350043£7 15s 11dSouthamptonAWEST, Mrs Ada Mary332nd Class34651£27 15sSouthampton10WEST, Miss Constance Mirium42nd Class34651£27 15sSouthampton10WEST, Miss Barbara Joyce10m2nd Class34651£27 15sSouthampton10WHEAT, Mr Joseph Thomas29VictuallingBelfastAssistant Second Steward11WHEELTON, Mr Edneser (Ernest) Edward29VictuallingBelfastSaloon Steward11WHITE, Mrs Ella551st Class17760£135 12s 8dCherbourg8WHITE, Mr Alfred32EngineSouthamptonGreaserWHITE, Mr William George23EngineSouthamptonTrimmerWHITELEY, Mr Thomas Arthur18VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardWICK, Mrs Mary451st Class36928£164 17s 4dSouthampton8WICK, Miss Mary Natalie311st Class36928£164 17s 4dSouthampton8WIDENER, Mrs Eleanor501st Class113503£211 10sSouthampton4WIDGERY, Mr James George37VictuallingSouthamptonBath StewardWILHELMS, Mr Charles322nd Class244270£13Southampton9WILKES, Mrs Ellen473rd Class363272£7Southampton16WILKINSON, Mrs Elizabeth Anne352nd Class2926£26Southampton16WILLARD, Miss Constance211st Class113795£26 11sSouthampton8WILLIAMS, Mr Richard Norris II211st Class17597£61 7s 7dCherbourgSportsmanAWILLIAMS, Mr Charles Eugene232nd Class244373£13SouthamptonSportsman14WILLIAMS, Mr Walter John28VictuallingSouthamptonAssistant Saloon StewardWILSON, Miss Helen Alice311st Class16966£134 10sServantCherbourgPersonal Maid3WINDEBANK, Mr Alfred Edgar38VictuallingSouthamptonCookWITTER, Mr James William Cheetham31VictuallingSouthamptonSmoke Room StewardWOOLNER, Mr Hugh451st Class19947£35 10sSouthamptonBusinessmanDWRIGHT, Miss Marion262nd Class220844£13 10sSouthampton9WRIGHT, Mr William40VictuallingSouthamptonGlory Hole StewardWYNN, Mr Walter41DeckBelfastQuartermaster9YAZBECK, Mrs Selini "Celiney"153rd Class2659£14 9s 1dCherbourgYEARSLEY, Mr Harry38VictuallingSouthamptonSaloon StewardYOUNG, Miss Marie Grice361st Class17760£135 12s 8dCherbourg8

What Unit was the 1341st Combat Engineers with before serving at Saipan and Tinian with the 4th Marine Division?

I believe the 1341st Combat Engineers was created when the 34th Combat Engineer Battalion reorganized on 26 April 1944

What battle took place with the 111th engineers combat battalion August 25th 1944 in France?


Where can you find information about the 260th Combat Engineers?

I have a copy of the unit history for the 260th Engineer Combat Battalion. It would be my pleasure to assist you with any facts that you may desire about the unit. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

What is information regarding the Army Corp of Combat Engineers Company A 33rd Division?

I have a complete history of the 108th Engineer Combat Battalion, the Engineer Unit organic to the 33rd Infantry Division. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Does 37th Engineer Battalion have Sappers?

US combat engineers call themselves sappers, so yes the 37E has sappers. That answer isn't necessarily true. Not all Combat Engineers are considered "Sappers." There is actually a "Sapper" school, which is sort of the "Ranger" school for Combat Engineers. Yes, there ARE Sappers in the 37th Engineer Battalion but only because they have sent people to Sapper School, which is also located at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, just like the Combat Engineer AIT training. Trust me, I was there. I also was in the 37th Engineer Bn. and I went to Sapper School.

When was Singapore Combat Engineers created?

Singapore Combat Engineers was created in 1967.

What did military combat engineers do in World War 2?

For more info on combat engineers, please visit our site at Our site is still new, but you will find info on "What Combat Engineers Did?" right on our History Page. We are adding info all the time, so please drop by. Thanks, Marion

What has the author Robert W Tykol written?

Robert W. Tykol has written: 'History of the 167th Engineer Combat Battalion' -- subject(s): Campaigns, History, Pictorial works, Regimental histories, United States, United States. Army. Engineer Combat Battalion, 167th, World War, 1939-1945

What is Combat Assault Battalion's motto?

The motto of Combat Assault Battalion is 'Sui Generis'.

What does CSB stand for in the army?

Combat Support Battalion

Do marine combat engineers build airports?

Only if the Army Corp of Engineers is unavailable for it. Generally combat engineers are busy performing demolitions or assault bridging.

What is the job of a army battiolion?

Well, it depends on what type of battalion it is. An infantry battalion will have a much different function than a Combat Support Battalion, for example. "Battalion" is a force organisation - it doesn't determine the function of that unit.

Was the 165th Engineer Combat Battalion involved in the Battle of the Bulge?


History of 149th combat eng Co A?

The 149th Combat Engineers were part of the Army Corp of Engineers. They took part in the invasion of Normandy in 1944, removing the dead, performing road maintenance, and clearing mine fields. The involvement of Companies A and B were integral to the success of the invasion.

What bases do army combat engineers get assigned to?

As engineers support combat arms directly, they can be stationed pretty much anywhere combat arms units are to be found... that would be any major installation.

What is the motto of Singapore Combat Engineers?

Singapore Combat Engineers's motto is 'Advance and Overcome'.

Did the 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines receive the combat action ribbon for Desert Storm?

I don't know if the entire battalion received the Combat Action Ribbon but I do know that H Co (redesignated L Co) did receive the CAR. Most members of the battalion also received their Combat Action Ribbon during Operation Iraqi Freedom I. They battalion has since returned to Iraq in September/October of 2007. All but a handful (those few who remained behind at Camp 15) of Marines in 3/23 received the Combat Action Ribbon for Desert Storm. Most members of the battalion also received their Combat Action Ribbon during Operation Iraqi Freedom I. They battalion has since returned to Iraq in September/October of 2007.

Where is the Unit history of the 637th Tank Destroyer Battalion?

Try googling "battalion profiles"

149th engineer combat battalion?

My father was in the 149th combat engineer battalion. They landed on DDay on Omaha Beach. Their boat hit a mine coming in and several men were injured or killed. My father was injured, but able to go on.

What is information on the 148th Combat Engineers in World War 2?

The 146th Combat Engineers hace an association. They can be reached at this web address and scrolling down to locate their unit.

Did the 3rd Battalion 11th Marines receive the combat action ribbon for Somalia?

Yes, they did!!