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Q: Where can you find updates for the Magellan Maestro 4000?
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Can the Magellan Maestro 4700 gps tell me where the nearest gas station is?

Yes it will find you the nearest station when you ask for it.

Can I update Magellan Maestro 3140?

Yes. Updates are available at You'll need to register at the site. I just bought a 3140 and it came with 1.x firmware. The Magellan site has 2.x which runs MUCH better and fixed the name of my road too. Check under "Support" page at the site, and follow along. May need to use the "Maggie" AI tool at the site to select your Maestro 3140. Then she'll give you some options. When you find a 60MB download, that's the one. Instructions are included in the ZIP file. Basically, unzip the files, run the .EXE, connect the 3140 via supplied USB cable to your PC and follow along. *DO NOT* loose power during the upgrade or the unit *WILL BE* unusable. FULLY charged internal battery or use the 12V car adapter.

Where can I find Magellan GPS Instructions online?

Online you can find intructions for the Magellan GPS by visiting the following webpage where you will find Magellan GPS located just under the "G" heading.

What was Magellan's reason for exploration?

Magellan hoped to find the spice islands.

Where can one find Microsoft Windows updates?

For Windows 7 users, one can find Microsoft Windows updates simply by searching "Windows updates" on the start menu. All the important and useful updates will be listed, and users can select which updates to install.

What did Ferdinand Magellan find in South America?

Magellan found a shortcut through South America called the strait of Magellan.

What was Ferdinand Magellan motivation?

Magellan's modivation was to find a North West passage

Where would office workers find the latest office updates?

To find the latest office updates, you need to make sure you're connected to the internet. You can then get into your Windows Updates, and update your computer. It will contain all the Office updates in there.

Where can I find reviews on the Magellan Roadmate GPS?

On this website,, you can find many reviews on Magellan Roadmate products.

What did Ferdinand Magellan find?

The PHILIPPINES ;) the spice islands! he also found the strait of Magellan.

How do you find out what is 33 percent of 4000?

0.33 x 4000 = 1320

What country did Magellan find?

well he had find the Philippines

Where can one find updates on women's golf?

There are many places where one can find updates on women's golf. There are updates can be found on ESPN, LPGA and the PGA website. It is also shown on television sometimes.

When did Magellan find Guam?

March 6, 1521 Magellan found the Marianas

When did Magellan find the Magellan straits where did he come from?

Magellan came from Portuagal and and it took 1 year to discover the staright. it took 38 days to sail through it.

Where can one find information on injuries updates for the Minnesota Vikings?

One may find information on injury updates for the Minnesota Vikings by visiting their official website. Also, one may use ESPN and TSN to find out about injury reports and updates.

How did Magellan contribute?

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who in 1519 set sail to find a route to the Spice Islands. While on the expedition, Magellan discovered the Strait of Magellan and was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean.

How do you use updates in a sentence?

The teacher couldn't find the updates to the attendance list. He regularly updates his website with the latest information.

Why did Magellan decide to take his voyage?

Ferdinand Magellan wanted to find away to the east for the purpose of trading.

Why did Ferdinad Magellan sail?

Magellan sailed because he wanted to find a western trade route to Asia.

Did Magellan find a sea route to Asia?

No. Magellan was the first person to travel all around the world.

How did Magellan use taste to find his way through the strait?

Magellan even relied on the taste of seawater to guide the fleet.

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What was Magellan goal?

It was to find gold