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New building construction especially skyscrapers, shipyards, ornamental iron shops, steel fabricators, vehicle assembly plants, oil wells and drilling platforms. These are all places that may need experienced welders. Approaching these job sites is one way to find a job. Another is to look on-line. You can check out a number of online resources such as,, etc. Try a search on Google for welding jobs and you'll find a number of sites that list only welding jobs.

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Are there any places I can find welding jobs?

You can find welding jobs online at You can also check your local newspaper's classified ad section and

Welding jobs if you went to a welding school and graduation?

Type your ans Welding jobs if you went to a welding school and graduation? wer here...

What are the highest paying welding jobs?

There are many different types of specialized welding. Mig welding and Tig welding are only a few. More specialized welding, such as underwater welding, are the highest paying welding jobs.

Is there a job market for welding jobs?

There is a job market for welding jobs. I am not sure what location you are referring too, but my suggestion would be to contact an employment agency to find out where exact positions are.

Where can someone find welding engineer jobs?

Welding engineer jobs will be advertised in trade magazines and in the local newspapers. They can also be found online at job sites such as Monster, Indeed and Jobsite.

Are there any welder jobs in Brooklyn?

Yes there are a number of jobs that involve welding in the Brooklyn area. although welding is a bit vague, the jobs that you should go for are engineer or mechanic as these involve welding.

Is it expensive to purchase tig welding jobs?

It does not cost anything to get a job in tig welding. There are many companies that are hiring an experienced tig welder. You can find many of them online.

What kind of welding jobs are out there today?

Currently, there are a bunch of different kinds of welding jobs available to those who have the necessary training. If one has the training, do welding for some very prestigious companies.

How much training is necessary for most welding jobs?

Most welding jobs requires at least 7 months of training. Various schools offer different programs and lengths of programs for different welding types.

How do you write an apprenticeship welding resume?

Seeking the perfect Welding Apprentice resume for Welding Apprentice jobs? Look no further for success.weldind resume.

What jobs do industrial robots do?

automotive, and welding fields.

Where can someone get training for welding jobs?

Welding jobs are widely available due to the needs of welders in many areas of commerce. Many high schools offer job training programs that have welding programs as due local technical institutes. A certified welder opens the doors of possibility for numerous jobs from commercial to governmental jobs.

Where are the high paying welding jobs?

a welding engineer will make the most--check out the welding/materials joining engineering program at LeTourneau University in longview, tx

What are some different types of welding jobs?

Most welding jobs can be found in production plants, mainly automotive or automotive parts plants. Most of these areas are Texas, California, Ohio, Pensylvania, Michigan and Illinois where there is heavy automobile manufacturers. Although you can find good welding jobs in the petroleum industry and if your a skilled underwater welder fixing or building underwater pipelines or working around a shipyard may be a good place to look.

Where can I find good welding education in boston?

You will find great information on welding schools at

Which region in the US has the most welding jobs?

Within the United States, the greatest number of welding jobs are found in the East in states such as New York, South Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

What qualifications do you need to apply for certified welding inspector jobs?

To apply to be a welding inspector, one needs a CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1 certification. This qualification is an established international certification.

Which state has the most job opportunties?

State with the most welding jobs

How much does welding inspector get paid on pipline jobs?


What jobs can you get with an welding associated degree in applied science?

A two year welding degree will usually land someone a spot as a welding technician or a welder/welding operator. If there was any welding automation involved in the degree, a person with an Associate's degree can also be a robotic programmer/operator.

Where can someone find more information about pipe welder jobs? is a great site for information about Pipe Welding jobs. This site give detailed information on the specifics of this position and also information on how to become certified.

What are the job prospects for welding inspector?

There are so many job prospects for welding inspector. They may choose to be self-employed or contracted as fabrication inspectors, welding supervisors and so many more jobs.

Where can I find good Welding Education?

The American Welding Society has a list of schools at

Do you need a federal license to weld?

No, you do not. You do need certification to do certain welding jobs.

What does it take to earn a manufacturing job?

Entry level manufacturing jobs are easy to find and seldom require more than a high school diploma. Some jobs require an advanced degree or specialized knowledge such as welding.

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