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well i know that you can find wiki berries when you plant one of this on the earth. so you need to wait some hours in the game. next you go to the earth where you plant de wiki berry and take it.

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Where do you find wiki berries on Pokemon Diamond?

You can find berries on Pokemon Diamond is that you can plant them.For free berries,you can find them in Route 211,in a house above where a man was,a girl in Pastoria City,and a girl in Floaroma in the Floaroma shop.

Where can you get wiki berries in Pokemon diamond?

Grows on Route 210.

What are the names of all of the berries on Pokemon sapphire?

You can find a list here:

Where do you get wiki berries on Pokemon Ruby?

a girl in sootopolis named KIRI gives you free berries if your lucky you might get a wiki berries.

What berries are the best for making a dry poffin in Pokemon diamond?

the best ones are the chesto, oran, wiki, razz, pamtre, and ganlon. that is all i know at the moment. ill update when i find out more.

What town is pokerus found in Pokemon diamond?

you don't just find it. You have to catch a wild Pokemon that has it already.

Zap cannon in Pokemon Diamond?

go to and you will find evrything you need to know

Where to get maximum beauty in Pokemon Diamond Pearl?

To get maximum beauty you have to feed the Pokemon either lv.20+ poffins made from wiki berries, or poffins made from pamtre berries. If you're trying to evolve feebas - which I'm guessing you are - you don't have to completely maximize it but get very close. Pamtre berries can only be found by strolling around in Amity square (with any Pokemon), and even so they are rare.

How do you get a full pokedex on Pokemon Diamond?

you only have to see every Pokemon that lives in the reigon. To find out where they all are, use this site.

How do you evolve feebas on Pokemon Diamond?

you up its butifullness with a dry poffin i recommend wiki berries or razz berries the poffin house is in the middle of heatrome city i have a leval 52 feebas and still not evolved but heard this works oh no just dropped my ds bye :)

Where can you get a wiki berry in Pokemon diamond?

Berry master in Rt. 208

Are berries a plant?

Nope .. they are fruits for an example kelpse berries they are like fruits. some are soft, sour and few more.(oh and there are Super Rare Rare Rare berries if you wanna find it is your pal :)anyway who ask this question?from:Rayquaza (not a member)Pokemon Sapphire expert

Pokemon Diamond help? or

Where do you find wiki berries in Pokemon Emerald?

There is a lady at the bottom of route 120, and she'll give you one every day if your trainer ID nuber ends with 6 or 1.

Can you teach me Pokemon Diamond Cheats?

yes type it in on wiki answers you'll get some!!

How do you make dry puffins?

The type of Poffin you make in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum is dependent on the type of berry used to make it. In the case of the Dry Poffin you can use Chesto, Oran, Wiki, Pamtre, Charti and Micle berries.

Where can you find the mystical Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You should be more specific, but i manage to find a Pokemon with a Mystic Pokemon rating. I came up with Flygon Sources:

On pokemon ruby how many berries does it take to evolve feebas?

It took me 6 kelpsys and 1 wiki (pokeblocks made in lilycove)

Where can you find a scisor on Pokemon Diamond?

1. find and catch a Scyther 2. try to find the item: Metal Coat 3. trade with someone while Scyther is holding on metal coat 4. the Pokemon will evolve into Scizor Source:

What is the best starting Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

Totodile is the best starter for pokemon diamond.( Totodile,Croconow and Feraligator)(evolutions)

What website can you find a picture of Pokemon?

Bulbapedia, the Pokemon Wiki, and Serebii are good sources.

What level does feebas evolve at in emerald?

get some berries that levels up beauty then after you kept giving it to feebas then it will evolve but to make it evolve after giving alot of beauty berries you can either use rare candies or fight wild Pokemon with feebas. ------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL Beauty Berries. Here: tobyunkown ------------------------------------------------------------------------

What berries make beuty go up for a Pokemon?

If you make a poffin with a Wiki berry that will make it a dry one and dry poffins raise beauty. So make a poffin out of a Wiki berry and that will raise it's beauty. Try checking the tags on all your berries. LOL Ofielia14

Where are all the Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

If you want to find individual Pokemon locations, I recommend checking a website such asBulbapedia:( Serebii: ( hope I helped more than the other guy! :D

Can you see Riley again in platinum Pokemon?

Riley is a character in Pokemon. He is found in Diamond, Platinum and Pearl versions.