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You can find a wiring diagram for your 1988 Mitsubishi Gallant at most Mitsubishi dealerships. Mitsubishi service manuals will have the wiring diagram and can be found at most local libraries.


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what is the wiring diagram for an 1988 Chevy celebrity stero

The 1988 Ford Thunderbird fuel sending unit wiring diagram can be obtained from most Ford dealerships. The wiring diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

When making changes to anything electrical a person needs to have a diagram. The wiring diagram for the power windows on a 1988 Dodge Dakota can be found in its manual. Visit here it has full diagram, GL!

Join they have wiring diagrams. Also order Haynes manual about 15 dollars. it has a complete wiring diagram in the back.

The stereo wiring diagram for a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis is available from a factory service repair manual. These manuals can be found online and PDF. format.

if you have the original hood still on car ,you should see a vacuum hose diagram on the underside of the hood. If it is gone then you either find someone with the same vehicle as yours to look at or purchase a haynes or chilton manual and it to will have it.

When fixing parts on a car, it can come in handy to have a diagram of that part. The wiring diagram for a 1988 Mazda 626 radio can be found in the cars maintenance manual. has repair resources including wiring diagrams.


in the back of a haynes repair manual for the 1984-1988 fiero .. it has every wiring diagram you need for the whole car including wire colors .. Crosby

Either in the back of a Haynes or Chilton manual or, best of all, in the authorized Ford wiring diagram from Helm. I have found them on Ebay and swap meets.

Haynes Manual 30055 chapter 12.....all the wiring diagrams youll ever need.

try auto zones web site they have good wiring diagrams

try here

You probably neeed a wiring diagram as these lights and radio are on different circuits. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM.

It is important to have the diagrams of the electrical systems in a car. A free starter solenoid wiring diagram can be found in the cars maintenance manual, or a person can ask for a print out from a auto store.

the purple wire is the gauge and white and black are ground!

Best I have found is in the Chilton Manual 50500, Pick-ups 1983-95.

== == Go to a parts store or bookstore and buy a Haynes Manual that is specific to your car.

Chiltons Manual. Its got everything you ever need. Change the year in the link to your Tercel's year

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