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Q: Where can you find your Alien registration number as a holder of an O-1 visa?
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Where to find alien registration number on l1 visa?

Alien Registration Number is only for Green Card holders.

Where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number?

where do naturalized US citizens with a US passport find their alien registration number? Answer #2 if you are a naturalized US citizen with a passport you no longer have the alien registration number as you are a naturalized Citizen.

I need my alien registration number now and you cant get a hold of it can you find it on the internet by entering all your information?

You cannot get you alien registration number on the internet. If you do not have any of your documentation, you need to send a FOIA request to USCIS for you immigration documents that they have on file. You will then be able to find you number on these documents.

Where is the alien registration number found in the I-20?

Generally speaking, there is no alien number (A number) in the Form I-20. F-1 students who have an EAD card for optional practical training (OPT) can usually find their 9-digit A number on the EAD card.

How can you find your lost waec gce registration number?

gce registration number

What is the registration number in ssc certificate?

where can i find the registration number in ssc certificate

How do you find alien registration number in passport?

Not everyone has it. You only have it if you were over the age of 14 when you got your visa coming into the U.S. If you were over the age of 14, then you may find that in your passport/visa. Its the numbers followed after the letter A.

Find out a car registration number using the chassis number?

You can not find a car registration number using the chassis number. You can only identify it by using the VIN, or vehicle identification number.

How do you find out if and when someone is being deported if you do not have access to their alien registration number?

An individual would not be able to obtain that information as it is not open to the public but only to certain family members and specified government agencies.

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to find your registration number you have to remove your left rear tire and it will be etched in the hole where your tire was.

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Where would I find the alien number on my passport?

on mars