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Look in your local area for a reproductive health facility. If you want a Dr. to inseminate you or your partner you should make a consultation appointment. The Dr. will point you in the right direction. I had to visit my gynecologist first to have a pollup removed and then they found a lump in my breast and I had to have surgery to have it removed. Although it was depressing because we were ready to get the insemination going it was best that those things were taken care of before carrying a baby for 9 months. As far as cost goes it varies for different areas of course but the donor specimen was $280 a vile (price varies depending on the donor specifications). The consultation was around $300 but my insurance treated it like a Dr.'s visit and I only had to pay a co-pay. We just did our first insemination 2 days ago and that cost $240. So, it's about $500 - $600 each time you try. It has been a wonderful experience already and I can't wait to take my first pregnancy test. We also did a photomatch where the cryobank compared and found the best matches for my partners physical features. After viewing a baby picture and listening to some interview questions we ended up picking the first recomendation. I recommend Good Luck!

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Q: Where can you find your local sperm bank and how much does artificial insemination cost?
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Another way to help a female get pregnant other than intercourse?

Artificial Insemination ... Uses sperm from a "sperm bank".

Does a girl and a girl have a baby?

Only by adoption, sperm bank or artificial insemination. Two females cannot make a baby together.

Lets say your a millionaire in case of an artificial insemination would you prefer a sperm of your brother-in-law or would you go to a bank and get a sperm from a stranger?

brother in law . . . . . . . . . . . . but what a question frik

Can you buy sperm from a Sperm bank without a doctor's permission?

Well it depends on where you are having it sent. If you are having it sent to your home you will need a doctor to sign a release authorization that you will have to fax to the sperm bank before they can send you the sperm. If you are having the insemination done at a fertility clinic the sperm bank will send the sperm directly to the clinic and will not need a doctor's release authorization.This was how I experienced it when I used European Sperm Bank in Seattle. http://www.europeanspermbankusa.comGood luck!

How does a sperm bank work?

It is where men can store some of their sperm for future use. It is often used as a backup plan incase an accident occurs and the man become infertile so he can still have a child. Or if he is planning on getting snipped (>.<), incase he changes his mind. They can also be used to store sperm that has been sold for the purpose of medical research and for women to use for artificial insemination.

How is a semen test done?

Go to your local clinic or sperm bank. They will check for 'fertility' of your sperm and such. ;)

Is there a sperm bank in Clifton NY?

The laboratory sperm bank in Clifton NJ offers semen tests, sperm washes for intrauterine insemination, sperm storage, cryobanking, and affordable cord blood bank. 1117 Route 46 East- Suite 301 Clifton NJ 07013 Phone: 973.472.0600 Fax: 973.472.7704

Is there a sperm bank in Westchester NY?

The MAZE Laboratories Inc. sperm bank in White Plains NY offers semen tests, sperm washes for intrauterine insemination, sperm storage, cryobanking. 2975 Westchester Avenue Purchase, NY 10577 Phone: 914.683.0000 Fax: 914.683.0974

Where can you get sperm from?

Simple, a sperm bank, or the obvious!

Can you bring your own sperm to a sperm bank?

Yes, the Arctic circle sperm bank has a high success rate.

What kind of bank has no money?

A Sperm Bank

Known Donor Insemination Agreement?

Get StartedThe Known Donor Insemination Agreement is an agreement between the biological mother and the sperm donor, clarifying each party's intentions and stating desires regarding future contact with the child.When a woman finds a donor through a sperm bank, she does not need a donor agreement. Typically this man will have signed an agreement with the sperm bank and surrendered any parental rights in the process.In contrast, when a woman wishes to become pregnant through a known donor, such as a friend or an acquaintance, there is a greater risk that the donor may later claim a parental relationship to the child. In such situations, attorneys highly recommend that a woman consult an attorney and that both she and the prospective donor sign a donor agreement before she begins the process of donor insemination. This agreement is designed to define the role and responsibilities, if any, the man will have in the insemination process and with the child.

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