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Where can you get Animal Crossing DS cheats for Action Replay?


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Go to and there will be boundless codes! A couple "unique" codes not on Codejunkies: All Beds turn into Metriods! 121d8fee 000034a0 121db27a 000034a0 121dd506 000034a0 121df792 000034a0 - Remove All Items from Inventory Up+L 94000130 000001BF 121d88fe 0000fff1 121d8900 0000fff1 121d8902 0000fff1 121d8904 0000fff1 121d8906 0000fff1 121d8908 0000fff1 121d890a 0000fff1 121d890c 0000fff1 121d890e 0000fff1 121d8910 0000fff1 121d8912 0000fff1 121d8914 0000fff1 121d8916 0000fff1 121d8918 0000fff1 121d891a 0000fff1 D2000000 00000000 - 12 Hr Time Modifier L+Right L+Left 94000130 000000df 121ecd84 00000000 d2000000 00000000 94000130 000000ef 121ecc26 0000ffff 121ecd84 000002d0 d2000000 00000000 - Full Catalog And All Fish and Bugs Caught L+R+Down 94000130 0000007f e21d8924 00000120 ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff 01ffffff 00000000 fffffffe ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff 00000001 fffffe00 000001ff 00000000 fffffe00 ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff 00007fff 00000000 fffffe00 ffffffff ffffffff 01ffffff 00000000 fffffff8 ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff 003fffff 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ffffffff 7fffffff ffffff00 ffffffff 0000007f 00000000 ff000000 ffffffff 021d8a44 00ffffff d2000000 00000000 - Savings Account maxed out 1Billion Bells 121d8fc0 0000c9ff 121d8fc2 00003b9a - Pay Time 121e373c 00001406 121e373e 00001406 121e3740 00001406 121e3742 00001406 121e375c 00001406 121e375e 00001406 121e3760 00001406 121e3762 00001406 121e377c 00001406 121e377e 00001406 121e3780 00001406 121e3782 00001406 121e379c 00001406 121e379e 00001406 121e37a0 00001406 121e37a2 00001406 121e37bc 00001406 121e37be 00001406 121e37c0 00001406 121e37c2 00001406 121e37dc 00001406 121e37de 00001406 121e37e0 00001406 121e37e2 00001406 121e37fc 00001406 121e37fe 00001406 121e3800 00001406 121e3802 00001406 121e381c 00001406 121e381e 00001406 121e3820 00001406 121e3822 00001406 121e383c 00001406 121e383e 00001406 121e3840 00001406 121e3842 00001406 121e385c 00001406 121e385e 00001406 121e3860 00001406 121e3862 00001406 - Purple Grass 221E5324 00000022 - WiFi Codes (Only Use In Wi-fi when your visiting) 0 - Walk On Water On Wi-Fi A+R+UP 94000130 000002be 121e3106 0000140e 121e3108 00001615 121e310a 00001017 121e310c 0000270e 121e310e 00002426 121e3110 00001023 121e3112 00001d0e 121e3114 0000201e 121e3116 00001021 121e3118 00001b0e 121e311a 0000181a 121e311c 00001019 d2000000 00000000 - Walk through walls in wi-fi! B + Down + R 94000130 0000027d 121e3100 00001414 121e3102 00001414 121e3104 00001414 121e3106 00001414 121e310a 00001417 121e310c 00002714 121e3110 00001423 121e3112 00001d14 121e3116 00001421 121e3118 00001b14 121e311c 00001419 d2000000 00000000 - Tree Mods 0 - Lushh green trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00000300 - Red-purple Trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00000600 - Brown Trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00000900 - Browner Trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00000C00 - Brown-Red Trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00000F00 - Red Trees (Cherryblossom) (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00001200 - Grey-Purple Trees (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00001500 - Green Trees + Snow (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00001800 - Pink / Green trees, Green snow (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00001b00 - Pink / green trees, Red snow (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00001E00 - Pink / Green,Pink / green snow (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00003300 - Light Green tree, Green snow (Snow Variant) 121ECC46 00003C00 - Seeds(Slot 1) 0 - Rock Seed 1 121d88fe 000000f2 - Rock Seed 2 121d88fe 000000f5 - Rock Seed 3 121d88fe 000000e5 - Rock Seed 4 121d88fe 000000e6 - Rock Seed 5 121d88fe 000000e7 - Money Rock 1 121d88fe 000000e8 - Money Rock 2 121d88fe 000000e9 - Money Rock 3 121d88fe 000000ea - Money Rock 4 121d88fe 000000eb - Money Rock 5 121d88fe 000000ec - Palm Tree Seed 121d88fe 000000c9 - Cedar Seed 121d88fe 00000061 - Full Grown Tree Seed 121d88fe 0000002A - Apple Tree Seed 121d88fe 0000003B - Orange Tree Seed 121d88fe 00000043 - Pear Tree Seed 121d88fe 0000004B - Cherry Tree Seed 121d88fe 00000053 - Money Tree Seed 121d88fe 0000005B - Acorn tree 121d8906 00000069 - Nook's Cranny Seed 121d88fe 0000500d - Nook'n Go Seed 121d88fe 0000500e - Nookway Seed 121d88fe 0000500f - Nookingtons Seed 121d88fe 00005010 - House Size 0 121d88fe 00005014 - House Size 1 121d88fe 00005015 - House Size 2 121d88fe 00005016 - House Size 3 121d88fe 00005017 - House Size 4 121d88fe 00005018 - House Size 5 121d88fe 00005019 - House Size 6 121d88fe 0000501a - Gulliver Ship Seed 121d88fe 00005020 - Redd's Tent Seed 121d88fe 00005012 - Katrina Seed 121d88fe 00005013 - Gracie Car Seed 121d88fe 00005021 Happy hacking!;) These codes aren't mine, they are Acwwking's homebrew mods! Credit to ACWWking


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yes there is a website for animal crossing on the gamecube!!! just google, cheats for gamecubes animal crossing l8r,

Action replay isn't only for Animal Crossing Wild World. It works for many Nintendo DS games. Action replay lets you use cheats for Nintendo DS games. I have action replay and it really helps you if you are stuck on something.

To enter your cheats you must have an Action Replay. You put the codes in that and they are in your animal crossing game.

you cant but you can find millions online for animal crossing and pokemon!

Action replay is a game that cheats for you. Eg: infinite money, mortgages made 1 bell, etc

It wont always work because action replays dont work on some games but you insert the action replay then (without turning of the power) insert animal crossing, then click on the little star in the corner and animal crossing codes will come up , tick the ones you want, then it will say insert action replay so do that, it will say saving changes, then you insert animal crossing again and animal crossing will come straight on and you should have your cheats working. BUT! It wont always work, on my action replay, i do all that on some of my other games and it works but my animal crossing just freezes when you choose who you want to play as so i get no cheats :(

Note: Any cheats involving Animal Crossing could RUIN your DS. The action replay system is known to have problems and could potentially pass on a virus to the DS. Yes, there is cheats for Animal Crossing Wild World for the Nintendo DS...Although you need to buy a card called "Action Replay" This is the link to Action Replay (Europe) : American:

You have to buy an Action Replay, that lets you cheat on almost any game for DS.

Buy an action replay! THey give you tons of cheats. But if you use it to much you get gliches in the game!

You don't need action replay to play the game its just this cheat thing you can have on it. I have Animal Crossing : Wild World but i don't have action replay and action replay just lets you access cheats and codes and things like that. I hope this helps x is where the action replay gets it cheats. Go there and don't forget to add your version to the cheat search.

you need a device called Action replay they are only ยฃ15

You don't hack an action replay... you look up codes online to get cheats to use on games such as Pokemon pearl or Animal Crossing Wild World. If you don't have an action replay you can buy it at Walmart or anywhere else for like twenty bucks.

a cheat code game rhat u use to put cheats on your game. it may danmage ur game

Yes, but only one so far, which would be max bells in bank and on hand.

Press up down B A than go to some where.just once press them.

the only way i know for getting cheats is action replay or i cheat their the only 2 ways i know off thanks if i helped

No, Action Replay isn't made by the same company.

You need an Action Replay to add on codes and the Action Replay will allow you to use cheats on almost any DS game. From there just add new codes to have what you would like in the game!

You usually need to buy like those Action Replay catridiges. There are also lots of cheats on the internet if you look hard enough.

well you cant. only if you have action replay ds it has alot of cheat codes for all gamesyes you can you can use cheats

The cheats for the action replay you can't. But if you can regularly enter them without a replay then yes.

Easy. Just put the action replay in before turning yourds on, then turn your ds on. The Nintendo ds screen will come up, but instead of saying touch the touch screen to continue, it all will disappear. Then it will say this is not licensed or endorsed (don't worry, it's not illegal to buy and won't harm your ds) and then come up with the action replay screen. Take the action replay cart out. Then put the animal crossing cart in. Where it says insert game cart will change to animal crossing. click the * in the bottom-left corner and press that again to select the cheats you want. When you're ready, click start. The game will start normally - but with the cheats!

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