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You can look online for the bios manufacturer and contact them directly for an upgrade to your bios. Many will sell an upgrade if you give a credit card number. Make certain that you do a little separate investigation before you ever give your credit card info over the internet.

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Q: Where can you get BIOS?
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5 different brand of ROM BIOS?

phoenix bios,ami bios, luwrance bios, award bios,asus bios

How many BIOS Manufactures are there?

AMI Bios, Award Bios, Pheonix Bios

What is H2 Bios?

H2 bios is a type of bios specifically made for notebooks.

When you upgrade the BIOS you are what?

You are flashing the bios.

What do you need to replace the BIOS?

BIOS of what component? your graphics card will have a BIOS, the CPU will have a BIOS. If there is nothing wrong with yours don't bother replacing it.

What is the purpose of a BIOS jumper?

Two examples are resetting the BIOS to the default settings and swapping between two different BIOS chips for boards with multiple BIOS.

Is it possible to remove the bios battery on dell vostro 3300 to remove the bios admin password?

No, removing the bios battery on a laptop will not reset bios settings.

Name the three purposes the motherboard ROM bios server?

What are the three purposes accomplished by the motherboard BIOS?

How do you reset BIOS settings?

There should be a jumper on the motherboard that you can change to the reset BIOS mode and then power it up and it will flash the BIOS back to the original state. Some BIOS should also have a option in the actual BIOS settings.

What is the difference between startup bios and system bios?

System BIOS touches little boys while startup BIOS drinks lava lamps and snorts cocaine

What is the function of the BIOS battery?

The function of a bios battery is basically to reset your bios if something goes wrong and you corrupt it. Bios batteries usually contain a little bit of information on them. Therefore, when you remove a bios battery, it goes back to default settings. **Note** removing a bios battery is usually a last resort to reset your bios. There are several other ways to reset your bios such as a jumper cable or (included in some never motherboards,) a reset bios switch.

How do you enter the BIOS on a MacBook Air?

Mac's do not have a Bios.

How do you fix bios image?

you much flash the bios.

Why BIOS is necessary in cp?

why it is necessary to have Bios in a PC

The process of upgrading or refreshing the ROM bios chip is called bios?

The process of upgrading or refreshing the ROM BIOS chip is called flashing BIOS. The power menu in BIOS setup allows you to configure automatic power saving features.

What are The three purposes the motherboard ROM BIOS serves?

The BIOS is used to manage simple devices (system BIOS), the BIOS is used to start the computer (startup BIOS), and the BIOS is used to change settings on the motherboard (CMOS setup).

Is there anyway to reset the BIOS password on a Toshiba 460CDT laptop if you have forgotten it?

The best method to reset a BIOS password depends on what BIOS the computer has. Common BIOS's include AMI, Award, IBM and Phoenix. Numerous other BIOS's do exist, but these are the most common. Some BIOS's allow you to require a password be entered before the system will boot. Some BIOS's allow you to require a password to be entered before the BIOS setup may be accessed. The general categories of solutions to reset a BIOS password are: Using a Backdoor BIOS Password Resetting the BIOS Password using Software Resetting the BIOS Password using Hardware Vendor Specific Solutions for resetting the BIOS Password

Who invented the BIOS?

It is not known who invented the BIOS of a computer however Gary Kildall is credited with creating the term BIOS in 1975. The BIOS is the first application that loads when the computer is booted up.

What is the BIOS manufacturer of your system?

My computer's BIOS was made by American Megatrends, one of the main producers of BIOS systems for personal computers. I think that almost all of my PCs have used their BIOS.

Windows 2000 assumes a BIOS manufactured after what date is a good BIOS?

if a bios is manufactured after January 1999, it is considered good.

What should you do to recover from bios flash that has failed?

either replace the bios chip itself highly unlikely as most bios chips are soldered or get a new motherboard as its dead a failed bios is a dead board unless u replace the bios chip (if possbile)

How much does a BIOS cost?

It's not really clear how much a BIOS costs since they're not marketed to end users but are sold to motherboard manufacturers. A BIOS is essentially a part of a motherboard. A BIOS is likely to be removable on a modern motherboard and technically it could be possible to replace a BIOS if it went bad or if for some reason it was to be upgraded, but for BIOS upgrades usually it is sufficient to flash (reprogram) the existing BIOS.

What is the definition for the greek word bios?

bios (βίος) = life

Where does SCSI host a adapter store its BIOS?

option bios

Where is bios chip located?

The BIOS chip is located on the motherboard