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"Just Close your Eyes" is on Theme Addict WWE Music Volume 6 Go to >> on the left of the search box make sure the "SEARCH FOR" drop down box says "Audio only" >> in the search box type Christian Cage >> click on the third result called "NWA-TNA" and says Christian Cage below it and there you go!

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โˆ™ 2006-07-21 01:12:31
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Q: Where can you get Christian's TNA music?
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Where can you simply and easily download Christian cage's tna theme song?

you can download it by going on and there will be a list and u just have to choose Christians

Can you get tna entrance music on iTunes?


Who sings Jeff jarrtes tna entrance music my World?

Dale Oliver. He does a lot of the music for the TNA wrestlers. He also performs AJ Styles song "I Am".

Where can you download the latest TNA Titantrons and themes?

Youtube. TNA very rarely release and music or titantrons directly.

What is the name of Jeff hardys tna entrance?

His TNA entrance music is called Modest and it is by Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen.

Where can you download Jeff Hardy's TNA entrance music?

on limewire

Where can you download tna music to windows media player?


Booker t tna music?

It is Sucka by Dale Oliver

What is the name of suicides theme music on tna?

Come Alive

In tna wrestling who does aj styles entrance music?

Dale oliver: I am.

Where can you download TNA entrance music songs on to the PSP?

lime wire

Where can you download tna wrestling music from for free?

you really shouldn't it is illegal

What is the name of The Band's TNA entrance music?

Nwo Wolfpac Theme

What was Jeff hardys TNA entrance music?

His First theme song was sung by his band Peroxwygen - Modest. his current tna theme is Peroxwhygen - Another

What is the name of Sting's new TNA entrance music?

"Slay Me"by Dale Oliver

Where can you download Jeff Hardy's WWE or TNA entrance music for free?


Christian cage tna entrance music?

Take Over by Dale Oliver

Tna Shark boy music?

Stone Cold Fish by Dale Oliver

What is the name of The Bands TNA entrance music?

Wolfpac Theme (instrumental) by J.Hart

Are there any WWE wrestlers christians?

Yes. Many Wrestlers are Christians. Shawn Michaels is one, Sting is another(even though he is in tna), Lex Luger, and many others.

What is the wrestling music genre?

The type of music wrestlers use as their entrance theme songs on their way to the ring such as in WWE or TNA

What album is Grits song get ready to fly on?

It's Not On An Album :( Unfortunately I Wish It Was That's Why The Song Has A Music Video To Compromise To Be Honest It Should Have Been Added To The CD - Tna Emergence : The Music Of Tna Wrestling But It Wasn't Added

What music do Christians listen to?

Christians listen to a wide variety of music and can be specifically Christian music or something else. Typically they wouldn't listen to anything promoting sinful things.

What music did sting the wrestler use at TNA final resolution 2006?

It was "Your's" by TobyMAC.

What is the entrane music of Jeff hardy in tna?

a song called modist and Jeff sung it.